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Submissive to the core
My name is Danielle I am writing this ad in hopes of finding myself a suitable Dom/Daddy . I'm looking for a real life type of dynamic but for now an online relationship is fine.TpE is really what I'm looking for.i want to be controlled 24/7 in every aspect of my life and loved and adored at the same time.when I misbehave I need to be punished so I learn what's okay and what's not.i prefer my partner to be shorter than me I'm 6 foot 2 so ......I also prefer my partner to be older than me .long hair is a plus tho not necessary. A beard even better again tho not necessary.hopefully you will be darker than me white is good tho just on the tanner partner would be strict and I'm also looking for a long term committed relationship .I'd like to meet a man who wants to settle down and have kids.i am very submissive and need a experienced Dom .if this sounds like you feel free to get ahold of me. Till than take care and happy hunting.
About me
My name is Danielle .I am six foot 2.Im Caucasian (Italian and French 50/50).I'm an Artist.I love music.I love to read And write.Im a cancer.I love to cook and eat good food .some of my favorite kinds of food would have to be Itailian (which I can cook extremely well being that I'm 1/2 Italian),Mexican food,and I love thia/indian food.Lets see more about me I have a little dog who I love with all my ❤ heart his name is Bejamin and he's a carin terrier (imagine toto from the wizard of oz).I love Horror movies and I collect action figures of characters from my favorite horror movies(I love Rob Zombie movies *House of a thousand corpse,Thirty one??,Devils rejects)My favorite colors are Grey and black and I love glitter and bling.I have about 15 tattoos and about 8 piercings.Im left handed to the extreme lol.Im very sweet .I would love to meet my other half I thought I might as well try on here since I'm Submissive to the core and looking for a extremely Dominant Dom DADDY/OWNER. I'm looking for a long term rationship and a man I can start a family with and get married too .yep that's me....
BDSM and me
I'm very submissive at all times to my partner only.Im looking for a man who will match me well and be my master and my owner.i would like to find a commitment relationship with one seeking an experienced Dom only.An online relationship is fine as long as both of our goals is to one day make it a real life monogamous relationship.
We can find out together once and if we get that far.Im a yes girl.Shhhhhh....
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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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