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Texas, United States
About me
Howdy. I’m 45, (GenX, Baby!) 

My nature is super curious, so I love to explore and discover new things, and seek an emotionally intelligent and well grounded counter-partner in crime.
Ummm… did I say crime? I don’t mean anything illegal. (At least not illegal since those…ummm.. you know…laws were struck down *winks*)

I’m That Chick who can hang out and BS with the Bros (and I wear that badge with fuqin honor), while girlfriends bring out my fun girly side.
I’m a total nerd, with a passion for cooking and food ways, I enjoy studying anthro, culture, history, psych, neuroscience, and geography; and expressing myself through arts, crafts, and costuming. I am also rough and tumble competitive, love sport and outdoors, and an intelligent argument. I’m from the South and posses a little thang called moxie. Even though it’s been a while, I do love to dance, especially the 2-step, and both fresh and salt water fishing. *sigh*
BDSM and me
For me, it’s all about the power exchange, and building a healthy 24/7 dynamic focused on personal development and exploration that capitalizes on the best interests of both parties. I view bondage and discipline as a tool utilized in a dynamic, and kink as a personal expression of sexuality.
BD- yes. DS- yes. SM- Not so much
Why yes, I do have limits, both hard and soft ones. I also am not cut out for casual sexual relationships or dynamics. I’m not interested in being a plaything, a woman on a string, or a fun little distraction only during business hours.

I have a very limited attention span for folks who can only chat about sex and kink, and those folks who are unable to form complete sentences. 
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Disclaimer: In the South, we are raised to address others with respect, that means I’m in the habit of using the honorifics Sir/ Ma’am in my everyday mundane life. I type fast and I don’t always catch it, so let it go people. Nothing to see, move along. 

 (I can’t believe I just wrote a disclaimer for my Southern manners.. Lol) 

AVATAR art- "Some like it hot" by Martin Allen
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Jul 31, 2022
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May 15, 2022
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