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I'm a laid-back kinda guy. Incredibly patient, full to the brim with cynical humor and I possess a penchant for self-deprecation and insomnia. I like listening to music and writing. I don't approach anything I find unimportant seriously and I rarely talk about things I find deadly serious.  

I really, really, really like speaking to people with at least a bit of personality. Opinions. Beliefs. Whatever. I like listening to people ramble about all the life experiences and anecdotes that's led them to their own personal brand of crazy.
BDSM and me
I'm experienced with BDSM, been in the lifestyle for a long time which, to someone my age, isn't actually very long. I know a thing or two. 

I tend to gravitate towards sadism, with degradation and humiliation being my preferred tools. I like to get to know what my partner likes over time until they express themselves fully while in a safe environment. I find that some people are ashamed to admit what they want, even to themselves; I want to know those things and witness someone indulging in them. I'm a sick fuck like that.
You might think your particular kink or fetish is weird. It's not. I've seen worse things than your desire to have someone lick your eyeball. To that degree, I don't like when people want something but don't ask for it. 

People who think that their sexuality is something that encompasses their entire personality, while they may be right, are unintentionally hilarious to me and I'm down to be friends with them. It's just not exciting at all.

And since this apparently needs to be said: If you message me, I'm going to expect you to be mature enough to have a conversation. There's a time and place to act shy and bashful. If you hold conversations on the level of a child, I will simply assume you're developmentally disabled in some capacity and stop talking to you. 

Here are some quick tips for having conversations: have a hobby, have a personality (or at least pretend to have one), have some opinions, be able to ask questions or at least pretend to be interested, show some confidence and, the most important thing, try to remember that only boring people get bored. Don't be boring.
What's new
Someone once told me I am slightly above mediocre. Blame them for my ego.

Reversing historic trends by owning a white woman from California.

Currently owned, controlled, and in the process of being broken by lilv. Please contact her if you wish to speak to me.
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Sunday, March 31, 2019
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