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CountryPatriarch seeks sub spouse
Let's get right to the point... We send each other a picture or two (normal ones...) and see if we hit it off or not. I can always meet you or have you come visit me on my dime if needed. I am a dominant male (very gentle) and need a sub spouse that wants to live at home in chastity and lets me domesticate her. I will always listen to you and cater to your ever whim but I will be the one claiming ownership over your body. Chastity and spanking and training are all required; already have a new nice pink chastity belt for you honey. Limits are respected but opinions are not. :)
About me
"Obedience is a girls only super power."

Semi retired and semi wealthy patriarch seeking sub girl to ultimately become my spouse. I'm in shape and 40 and do not believe in superiority. I do however believe in male leadership in the home and domesticating a house wife. I'm a "gentle top" and incredibly loving and supportive. Chastity and spanking are required and I already have a brand new pink one ready to go for you along with other toys. I believe in the big three C's in the relationship and you will learn them as I train you. The one week a month I won't ask or demand anything at all from you. I have a huge home in the country to myself; let's have a normal relationship in the world and an abnormal one in my home! :)
BDSM and me
chastity play, spanking, domestic discipline
We'll figure it out as we go.
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Dec 8, 2022
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Sep 28, 2022
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