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Hello there!

I'm Unruly Nerd Girl, or UNG, or if you really want my attention, little bear.  I don't respond well to princess, baby girl, little one, good girl, beautiful, little girl, dear - I most likely won't respond at all.

I have been exploring the BDSM lifestyle since my early 20's, always on the submissive side of the slash, and after all that time, I can honestly say, the only thing I know for certain is that I have so much to learn. Sometimes I am a submissive, sometimes a bottom, often I am a little trapped in an adult form, but I am always curious, and exploring new ideas in this lifestyle. I am mostly lesbian, a demi boy, a mischievous boy without a penis, a gay man with a vagina, a goofy boof head little bear. Canadian, from Ottawa (Ontario), loving life Down Under.

I am very passionate about service submission, and I am happy to share my vision of what it could be like with others. I am thrilled to be a presenter on the topic, or just have a chat. If you're an event organizer and interested in one of my workshops, please feel free to contact me. I travel internationally, so please don't hesitate to ask even if your event might be a world away.

Before you even ask - yes, I would like to play with you! Now, let's negotiate what that could look like. Interested in my service side - fantastic, let's chat! Not interested in playing with a little - no worries - we can choose other fun to be had. I am intrigued by different styles of play, new experiences, and happy to learn new methods of training. For me, power exchange doesn't just happen in the bedroom - it takes place in the dungeon, the living room, discreetly in public, in the car, at family gatherings - and I'm not talking about sex.

I should mention - I'm flirting impaired. I don't know how to interpret it, I don't recognise it - and you really don't want me trying my hand at actually doing it. Last time I tried to flirt, I think I became so nervous, I broke out into interpretive dance - no one needs to see that, no one, ever.

I am not sexual outside of a relationship - ever.  Even if it is just Friends With Benefits, it is still some type of relationship.  I will play sensually, but there will be no touching of the magic bits unless there is an emotional connection and commitment of some sort.  My sexuality is a gift to my partners, and the ultimate form of trust for me.

I am open to cis and trans genders - I am more concerned with the soul rather than the physical construct. I am attracted to confidence, but not arrogance, an iron fist in a velvet glove, firm but not aggressive, all tempered with humour, patience, kindness and understanding. I have a penchant for bearded round bears, rockabilly/rollerderby femmes, Daddies in suits, and female Masters.

I am continually striving to grow and better myself - happy to meet those who might be able to help me on this path.

If you’ve made it this far, and you’re mildly curious, or raring to chat, please feel free to message me.  Happy to chat with whomever, just don’t be boring.  

Please note: I don’t play online, I don’t do online relationships - I am looking for authentic, in person play or possible dynamics only.  I don’t use KIK - all requests asking me to download the app will be met with an automatic block.

I am open to a Dominant/submissive relationship, but I am only interested if it meets the following criteria:

- In real life, local to me only
- I am interested in Mommies/Daddies, or Dominants who have real life experience with littles
- You are over 35 years of age, preferably over 40 years of age
- You have real life BDSM experience
- You realise I am not a slave
- You are drug and STI/disease free, preferably even smoking free
- You are single or in an open and transparent poly relationship

BDSM and me

Types of Play That Make Me Really Happy 

This type of play I am open to engaging in with others who enjoy any of these forms as much as I do:

- Age play
- Electro play
- Fire play
- Flogging
- Knife play
- OTK play
- Saran Wrap bondage
- Seduction
- Sensual play
- Sensation play
- Senses deprivation play
- Service (body service, chauffering, stewardship, butler attendance)
- Tickling
- Thuddy impact play (straps and belts are a favourite)
- Violet Wand play
- Wax play

Types of Play I Would Like to Try 

These are types of play I have an interest in, I may never have experienced them before, and I would be interested in playing with someone who is both experienced in these forms as well as having a passion for them:

- Cupping
- Rope bondage

Types of Play I Want to do With the Right Person 

These types of play I will reserve for that individual or perhaps individuals in my life who are special, whom I trust implicitly, and with whom I have an intimate relationship - I haven't experienced many of these before:

- Anal (enema, hooks, plugs, figging etc.)
- Branding (hot and cold)
- Breast/nipple play
- Kissing on the lips
- Pegging
- Sexual play/sexual service
- Tattooing

Things That Really Turn Me Off 

These actions or things kill my lady boner so fast - and make a person go from hero to zero in my eyes:

- Aggressiveness
- Assumptions
- Dick pics/vag pics - an overabundance of gratuitous pics
- Discourtesy
- Dishonesty
- Drugs
- Familiarity - from strangers through touch or forms of address
- Humiliation
- Inability to communicate
- Inconsistency
- Laziness
- Overt sexual inuendo
- Patronizing
- Reeking or tasting of cigarettes
- Rudeness
- Users

- Faceslapping
- Hitting anywhere other than back or sweet spot on bum
- Degradation/humiliation
- Nipple/breast play
- Being lent out
- Feminine clothing (on me)
- Cutting
- Blood
- Scat
- Animals
- Children
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