Seattle, Washington, United States
About me
I am a kinky minded asexual who is only looking for online based interactions.
31 years old, female, submissive.
BDSM and me
I am a sub am looking for a dom who would work on slowly building a dynamic to teach a submissive how to find their best form of submission.
In this case, the sub is bad at communicating, but loves talking to doms who are creative and open to changing things up according to real life factors.
I as a sub know I need to be held accountable for my side of the dynamic, like responding to messages and carrying out tasks without handholding. But I need a dom who knows that a punishment is the best way to correct this, but so is adjusting the rules. Such as changing how quickly the sub needs to respond to the doms regularly messages, vs how quickly the sub responds to commands during a play/training session.

I don't want to hear from doms who don't allow for subs to discuss and negotiate tasks and punishments. If I say its not a good day for some type of play, I will immediately stop talking to that dom if they have a problem with that. But a dom who is willing to adapt, discuss what I am willing to give them that day, thats a dom I could have a dynamic with. If you think a sub automatically will do what you say, don't bother messaging me.

Also, I am looking for a dom who is up to speed on using encryption apps like WickrMe and Signal to work online with their sub. If you aren't willing to use secure apps, then don't message.

PS- i do cam on the side, so a dom would need to be okay with their sub doing shows for others.
Though, I would fully welcome a dom who would be willing to build up a dynamic over weekly tasks and assignments, and end the week with video training for my camming.
Hard limit
- Me speaking- I don’t make audio clips or speak on video
- saving any of my pictures or videos and distributing them is a very hard limit. Anything I send I will assume is being deleted and or kept private and deleted at the time of the ending of our D/s interactions.
- Daddy play
- Lil/baby play or age play
- Puppy play or pet play
- No TPE
- No input on diet, makeup, hair, ect. This is for strictly sexual submission.
- No ass to mouth
- No licking pussy juices off my hand
- Anal penetration/fucking
- Degradation
- Humiliation
- blood/knife play,
- spitting,
- deepthroat (cannot learn),
- gagging on cock is a no,
- belt whipping (haven't tried a general whip, but would have to be light enough to not draw blood),
- Diaper play
- No TPE- has to be repeated
- Also, republican (lol)

Soft limit
- Anal anything except for plugs
- Name calling- we decide on one term (slut, whore, ect.) and use that as my name during play, and only that one.
- Moaning on video or in clips
- Pussy to mouth with toys
I reserve the right to add more at any time, of course.
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