masochist female

United States
About me
39 year old w female 
5'7, chubby (more to love!  Thats what they say, right?)
Long dark brown hair and eyes
Average looking 
Pure heart, kind, empathic and sensitive
Currently in relationship w. Vanilla irl
BDSM and me
I'e always been sexually charged by bondage and some pain.  I can remember being about 6 and watching April being tied up on the cartoon teenage mutant ninja turtles, and feeling my lady parts wake up.  I don' understand why?  It is a little embarrassing.  I don' talk about it to anyone.  Its my little secret I guess. I am looking for someone to have a deep relationshp with online.  Maybe in the physical later on....once trust has been established. I am also perfectly happy making new friends.

I am pansexual 

If you reach out to me, please don't be sad if I do not respond. I get very paranoid about who I am conversing with and not knowing who the other person is gives me some anxiety.
What's new

My zodiac sign is cancer

If you’re into slender women I’m not for you.

I can see that my quiz results suggest I am a submissive, but I wouldn’t say that’s true. I am something that’s for sure … but relinquishing control over my life and choices doesn’t feel alluring to me.

I think the sexual fantasies I have are just that. Sexual, perverted sure. But not looking for someone to tell me what to eat, how to dress or demand nudes.  

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Jun 20, 2022
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Dec 9, 2017
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