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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
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52M Minnesota geek LF lifelong female partner
Daddy/Owner/Master seeking female forever pet/slave/partner. Minnesota USA. Liberal. Looking for LTR, monogamous only. I'm playful, hilarious, sarcastic, sweet, honest, super-affectionate, and faithful. Yes, actually. :P Dark/raunchy sense of humor. If you love Cards Against Humanity, we'll get along great. ;) Pretty flexible when it comes to kink. Tell me what your needs are: vanilla and kink. I love to make my partner happy; I expect the same in return. PLEASE include a picture with your introduction if your profile has none. I'm on FET and have been vetted by a few groups. I'm single, unpartnered, and available. You MUST be willing and able to relocate to Minnesota. See my profile for more details.
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Name: call me Daddy  ;)
Age: 52
Location/Country: Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA
Preferred Pronouns: he/him/dork  :P
Sexuality: Hetero, monogamous, single, unpartnered
Looking for: a LTR with a female lg/pet/slave (of some type), who is also attracted to men, monogamous, single. Hoping to find love and collar my one and only.
Hobbies: D&D, geeky games, DIY home improvement, self-published author, video games.
TV: horror, scifi, fantasy, marvel, but I'll watch anything with a good story.
Music:  Nu-metal, rock, pop, edm, blues, and plenty of other stuff
Love languages:  Physical Touch x1000, praise, and gifts
I'm super affectionate, cuddly, highly sexual, honest, down-to-earth, playful, and other boring adjectives. :P
Compliments from dates:  empathic, smart, fun, flirtatious, smartass, hilarious, amazing kisser
Dislikes from dates:  way too funny, obnoxious, makes me laugh too much, kisses too well (grin)

BDSM and me
Role: Daddy/Owner/Master
Kinks: Mostly those ^^^. I love control but specifics vary based on who I'm with and what their needs are. Not a sadist, though.
I want to be your everything, and you to be mine.
Limited online play: online is mostly for us to get to know each other. IRL required at some point.
Hetero or bi women only.
Monogamous only.
Liberals or left of moderates only.
You must be single and uncollared/unpartnered. Y
ou must have a high sex drive and love sucking cock.
You must be willing and able to relocate to Minnesota.
Let's not waste each other's time: send me a picture of you with your introduction. There are too many profiles with no pictures.  Attraction is important!
Piss, scat, blood, kids, animals, extreme masochists, sharing of any kind (no poly/enm), anything illegal.
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I'll expand on my profile later.
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Nov 26, 2022
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Nov 20, 2022
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