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2023 has been an amazing journey so far with my Sir, both in kink and non kink ways. I lust him so much!  I am HIS delightful lil pervert!! ❤️

Do not message me about seeing if I am suitable for you. Read my profile. Not interested. 
If you do not believe in limits, or respect mine, then do not waste my time.   Respect our relationship and boundaries, please.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with several amazing people through messages. I appreciate the interaction we shared, and as we all know, when you find the right person, you take the chance. I wish everyone who had reached out to me all the best in what they hope to find. You are all worthy of that and none of you were ever less than. Please remember that. 

Now, for some general housekeeping here. If you choose to reach out to me to make a honest, ethical connection, I will not keep that a secret from Sir  because we do not keep secrets from each other. Please be honest in your intentions, and have ethical standards. If you are married or involved in a relationship, and looking for a secret tryst, keep moving along. Not interested. If you are looking for a third, hard pass. I don't mind being friends as per a dictionary definition, but not friends in the sense of you getting me into your triangle or relationship. Genuine friendship connections can happen, and stay in the proper  lanes,  but do not try anything sneaky. He is protective of me. Do not solicit me for money, gift cards, services, nothing at all. Always show respect, earn respect, and it will be returned. 

The majority of my old profile is the same and will stay the same, but I have met a wonderful, amazing man, and we are working on us. My general interests remain the same. 

From this point on, I will be working on topics for my blog and interacting there. I reserve the right to not answer messages or comments left in poor taste or that are hateful.

I love photography (kink and non kink), to read, mostly tangible books, but I do have a small Kindle with some titles on there, and I have begun my own private collection of BDSM themed books as well. I also love to write poetry, more of a freestyle or prompts I find on social media. Meditation and Journaling allow me to write down my innermost thoughts, good or bad, and learn from those experiences. As far as genres of books, anything and everything. Learning never ends. My taste in music also is equally diverse and depends on my mood, setting, or situation. Some days, the only way I can express myself is through whatever choice of music I am listening to. I enjoy hiking, sitting in or by water, sightseeing, waterfalls, visiting historical sites, drive in movies, dancing, resale shops and used bookstores (I totally geek out). I would rather read than watch television. The gym is a place I enjoy going to when I need more focused walking, but I prefer the great outdoors as well. I was born in the city, but love living rurally. I hold a B.S. in Criminal Justice, with concentrations in forensic psychology and corrections, and a diploma  in forensic science. Animal you treat your pet and your mother speak volumes about your character. Some of my favorite authors include Emily Dickinson, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Ellery Queen, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe. I have 3 teen sons still living at home. Ages 19, 16, and 14. They are learning how to become fine young men and they make me proud. I am blessed. Television shows, if I do watch, tend to lean more towards true crime, crime drama, comedy, romantic, or educational. I love to smile and laugh and enjoy the funny moments in life , because we all need laughter in our lives. I am a soft romantic at heart (with masochism thrown in ) and love to plan at home dinner dates and intimate bonding time. Conversations that last all night. I am not an overly huge fan of texting as a primary method of communication, as I am old school in that sense and love to hear a person's voice and all of the subtleties within it. I am also self- learning art techniques, such as painting, jewelry making, and working with glass mosaics. I have an extensive collection of heart shaped rocks I've found on my hikes. To see love from nature means you must have an open mind and heart to love. My sun sign is Cancer, my moon sign is Sagittarius, and I am a devoted, loyal and honest woman. I can say I can go to sleep each night with a clear conscience, knowing I did my best. I am also passionate and emotional, and sometimes I overthink, which I am working on. I can be quiet when needed, quirky and silly when the time is right, and emotionally supportive always. I am very affectionate, love holding hands, especially during scene time. It lets me know where you are. I am a continual work in progress. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
BDSM and me
I am a natural submissive, very romantic and loving, but not a doormat. For me, a D/s dynamic is a partnership regardless of the honorifics chosen. It is a negotiated, respected agreement , fully consensual in nature, tailored to the wants and needs of the partners involved. This is not just a bedroom dynamic, but a IRL one as well, as I am looking for my last first. Goal is being collared and perhaps, married to, my life partner in every way. Relocation is negotiable, as I have children still in high school. I want to be able to feel safe turning to him if I am upset or having a day of struggles, without reproach or being turned away. I need for him to be accessible by phone, to know when I struggle he is there. I want him to also feel that same safety in me. I have a balancing act with teenage sons, so vanilla life needs to be heavily factored into the agreed upon dynamic. Despite how the partnership may appear to the outside world, I still expect to be respected and do maintain my own  thoughts and decisions, for the dynamic and vanilla. Behind the bedroom door, however, I am  submissive per agreed upon limits  and understand what that means for my partner and I. I live this life as much as I can and 24/7, even if it is making sure I get done my daily routine, but know discretion is not easy to pull off and can do so  favorably. I can admit when I make mistakes, and ask for punishment as necessary. I am still learning, as we all are. I want to be taught, guided, cherished, loved, protected, openly acknowledged as his, and strictly monogamous, and see this kind of relationship as a long term and lifetime commitment. It is not a game to me whatsoever. I want to be the best submissive I can possibly be. I want IRL, but understand the right person may not be local and start off as LD. I want to be clear..I have NO desire to be a slave.
Will not discuss at this time. 
What's new
Consistent communication every day. Even if it is a voice message, text message, or email.  If you want to get to know me, we need to communicate. I understand everyone's life is busy, but if you want me to trust you, feel safe with you, I need to know about you, who you are, hear from you. Silence is a response. If you are focused on me, then actions must back those sentiments up. You don't realize how much that hurts. 

I enjoy my hair being brushed while snuggling a blanket or my stuffie. I have my Princess moments when experiencing emotional situations and she comes out when I feel completely safe and know I can trust you. That is as far as that goes. I may be more of a middle but unsure of the different types of roles and still learning. Do not push that limit. That is when I am feeling very vulnerable and please don't use it against me. 

Names I like: Princess, babygirl, good girl, "mine" , beautiful, my love, kitten, precious, my sweet submissive, dirty girl, naughty girl, Daddy's whore. 

You must be ethical in your Dominance. My time is just as valuable as yours, and my children are my priority. If you don't communicate with me and just dominate the conversation and are not willing to share equal voice time, don't bother. Do not call me any honorific or pet name if you have not earned that. I am romantic and want that in my future Dominant and dynamic as well. 

I love choker necklaces and do wear them. It in no way implies or means I am collared. If I become collared, it will be different entirely.

I also have a busy role in vanilla life as a single mom to teens in high school and sports and work and I am not online 24/7. If you cannot handle a delay because of outages of  internet, no cell phone reception,  or my schedule, then we won't work. I live in US central time. 
I also pay my own bills. I am not looking for somone to shower me with material things. I am not used to that. Occasional gifts of sentimental value with a meaning are one thing, but buying my submission is not cool.

My children do see their dad, a stroke survivor, who lives in NC, so occasionally we are down there to visit. I make this upfront and transparent so you know. 

Also, I am 5ft even, and last weight check I was 190. I am not skinny but not awful either. Again, transparency. Expecting to have surgery sometime this year to reconstruct my abdominal area. ****had my surgery on Valentine's Day, and 4 weeks into a 6-12 week recovery. All staples and drains are gone.

What I am looking for seems to be a common question yet difficult to find, and I do not expect perfection so neither should you. Nipicking my perceived flaws is a good way to tear down any trust beginning to be established. If you have not read my profile, then don't ask me that question, because that means you do not value my mind or my time. I will not repeat all of what I have here because of laziness. I am sure, as always, this will evolve. 

My end goal is to be in love, an equal to my Dominant always but freely choosing to kneel and submit myself to him, owned and collared, with an extra desire to maybe be legally married to my life Dominant (not a requirement, only a preference). He will appreciate my words, my thoughts ,and my interests that I bring to the relationship first, then to the dynamic.  I am playful, goofy, dorky, loving, affectionate, and love to just walk up, smack his ass, kiss him first, hold him when he is having a hard day or crying, and remind him he and his feelings matter too. That I have his back. A deeply committed relationship that might look vanilla but with a deep D/s dynamic naturally woven in and cherished. A day collar for vanilla worlds to see, and our special submissive collar in the bedroom. To me, the collar is the display of ownership and property. Because of medical testing, any collar with a lock must have extra keys with one for me to keep on me, in case of emergency. 

Have an amazing day and thank you for reading.

If you message me, name your favorite impact implement.
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