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About me

I am just the girl next door type who is, eventually, looking for more. I am a professional within my community so discretion is a MUST!!

Hobbies & what I do for fun:
• I love to spend time with my dogs, friends, and family.

• I like to read and play board games or word/puzzle games.

• I enjoy being crafty (finally got a Cricut ❤️) and love making things.

I am not perfect but no one is. I have moments of being super emotional and then moments when my emotions don’t exactly match the situation. I HAVE BEEN HURT WAY TOO MANY TIMES, so I am extremely cautious about letting people in. I take things slow because I have to feel something before I take the leap.

I am 5’3”, Latina, plus-sized/full-figured with curly mid-length hair. 

What I am NOT interested in: manipulation/manipulative games, hypnotism, cyber sex, d*#% pics, phone sex, and casual hook-ups — just to name a few.

NOTE: If you start the conversation off and/or message me asking about ANYTHING sexually related, demanding or asking me to be your sub, etc. when we don’t even know each other..... might as well not message me any further.

BDSM and me

What I would like is a DD/lg relationship and/or a D/s relationship with DD/lg traits.

M/s is not for me. I have been in and out of the lifestyle for 12 years. 


Anal (for now)
Wearing diapers
Illegal acts
Underaged individuals
Urine/Fecal play
Knife/Needle play
Extreme pain/Abuse
Electrodes/Cattle prods
Heating appliances

What's new
Work and life pressures are taking up a lot of my time.... But I am still trying to find my way in the world and live happily regardless!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
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Monday, December 18, 2017
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