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Im a 28 year old master who has been in the life since i was 18 and had two years of research into this life before that. So in reality i have been in the life since i was 16.
I am a decent looking guy who is wanting a kind, caring, and obedient girl.
I do not need you to be a slave tho i will admit it is preferred.
I have not had the easiest of life's but i have not had the worst either so i do have my baggage but don't we all?
I have a working knowledge at least of most kinks the few i don't know are because i either it is a rare kink or because i simply have absolutely no interest in that kink.

I like to read and write at times tho the writing is only when im in the mood.
I am dyslexic and i have taught my self to read and write while dealing with it tho it was a true challenge. I still have a very hard time with grammar and punctuation. If it wast for spell check my spelling would be horrible.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019
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