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To who ever will read this, where ever you are...

If we decide to be together, I would want things to work. I will always be thinking of you, whether we end up together forever or not...because I truly care about you.

I want to be a team with you in working things out, making time for each other and their needs. I want to have us fight for the other person and for our relationship itself. I want us to invest in each other and constantly be thinking of solutions to help us stay together, and help the relationship grow positively.

That means making plans, being flexible, taking risks, communicating, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to give AND receive.

Don't make excuses, look for solutions. Have the right perspective. See me on chat? Message me. Don't see me on chat? Message me or find a way to get my attention or invest in premium. If I've given you a means to talk to me, use it. Goes for me too.

Without further ado....

I'm a Caucasian male, 5'11 medium weight, dark hair.

Not good at the whole about me section, you can always ask anything you like, but here are some common categories people ask about.

Movies/TV shows: I like all kinds of movies and show of all genres, have a mini library dedicated to it. I prefer older shows/movies.

Music: All kinds of music, I'm a bit of an audiophile (not only bass, but alto and treble need some love too!). Not a fan of modern rap though.

Cars: I like older cars 1900s to 80s, but some fantasy cars are like is the car from OutRun 2019, and the Mach 5.

Books: My own mini library, crammed full of books of nearly all genres and time periods. I am very well read on a variety of serious and not so serious subjects.

Fashions: For women, I prefer more traditional feminine attire. For myself I dress casual or business casual, it's too hot to dress more formal than that.

I like all kinds of games (video (own 400 of all kinds, played over 1,000+, board, tabletop (GMed AD&D 1st edition mainly), dice, card, etc).

I have been known to do a good amount of target practice with bows/guns (you can even rent them). I can play the piano and read music decently but am not that musically gifted.

I have written several fetish and non fetish related stories, some 100+ pages, but none are finished.

I love nature in all forms, hiking, exploring, etc. I hate the heat though.

I am constantly learning everything I can about everything can. I have done nearly everything I can think of that one can do alone...but it does get lonely sometimes not having anything to do with anyone.

I like to think I am a dominant man however many who claim dominance seem much more cold...and dehumanize those who would choose to throw themselves in service to them, but I would use force as a last resort. I see myself having that vision, and guidance, understanding, and leading them in front, behind or side by side. Valuing that person as a cherished and prized possession, an extension of my will, and eagerly delighting in them becoming the best version of themselves they can be...which would hopefully be my ideal woman.

I don't enjoy putting people down, or hurting them. I discipline out of necessity, not out of joy. I don't delight in cruelty...and cannot understand in my heart (though i can in my mind) how others can act in ways that seem to be loveless and soulless to others.

I want love and to be loved. I want to cherish and be cherished. I am looking for a 24/7 Master/slave Total Power Exchange dynamic with a loving, devoted slave. Someone who can give her heart, mind, body, spirit and soul to bare that willingly and joyfully. Someone who will care for me, and give me all that I have long denied myself or never have been able to receive, A true love and service, not just sex. A constant companion, someone who I can rely on, turn to, someone who can heal me and support me as I do for them. Someone whom I can be a great friend with, who would enjoy talking my ears off with joy and love in her heart. A wonderful mind to see things through, to engage with. Someone who I can do all sorts of things with. A loving feminine form I can delight in, in it's sweet, gentle's tender softness. It's luscious curves. A deeply feminine nurturing soul. Someone whom I can be fully free to be myself...and not have to worry about constructing a false persona or worry about her ever leaving...

Not a sexual or violent man, I am looking for that lifestyle to actually live that as a lifestyle, eventually in person not as just a kink or a "session", and I'm looking for that woman who would love to do this out of love, not just as a prelude to kinky sex.
BDSM and me
What are you looking for?

A single female who will willingly become a slave and participate in a 24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE) with me as their Master.

This is a personalized TPE and obviously (like many things) this will be different compared to others. So I am not the authority on the subject.

Disclaimer: This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle. This is in no way forced slavery or a lifestyle that promotes anything against anyone's will or anything against the law. This is, I REPEAT. Not an ad for the sale of forced incarceration or servitude of other beings! If you want to deal in such things, get lost.

You must provide the choice and consent all the time and it will be respected, no questions asked. It is not an abusive relationship. Nor does it forcibly take away someone's rights as a human being. Rather, it (as well as everything) is given up freely as a choice. To let go. As such with all M/s style relationships.

Isn't TPE BDSM though?

Not necessarily, although it can include that.

I am not abusive and do not like inflicting pain.

Training is a necessary chore to be done, and discipline is part of the crucible one needs to go through to develop into a slave designed for my comfort, satisfaction and to serve me. My own brand of TPE is not BDSM.

I still want to know more in general about these kinds of things, will you please provide me some info? If you're serious about pursuing this lifestyle, then yes.

It's is a simple thing, but simple things are not always easy. This is a style of relationship that does require work like everything else.

Read this (I know it will take a while) and if you still want to be my slave, then wonderful.

This is self explanatory, this is essentially what a slave gets out of this type of relationship:

This is suggestions about how to serve (written from a role reversal point of view, I couldn't find one to explain it from a M/s point of view):

This one explains the benefits and healing and freedom and strength that come from being truly vulnerable (especially in this type of relationship):

This is one woman's views on being a slave:

Differences between a submissive and a slave:

Differences between a Master/slave vs a Dominant/submissive relationship

Yet another FAQ:

This sounds great! I think I'm a natural sub and...

Let me stop you right there and ask you to read my links before we continue.

Thanks. That's all well and good, but what are you really looking for? Preferences, requirements, etc.

Obviously, I need a person who was born a woman.

Someone who/is:

-Single (as in not in any relationship)

-Does not smoke, drink, or do drugs of any kind

-Does not have STDs or offspring (kids)

-Does not want offspring (kids)

-Able to relocate to my area without financing

-Also have a means of transportation, and a place to stay.

-Is ok with being in a nonsexual relationship (but is ok with general affection, cuddling, and some groping)

Wait, wait, wait...nonsexual? Are you serious?

Yes, I'm asexual. Not into that whole oral, penetration...whatever. However I am not a monster, if you earn the right to pleasure yourself, than all the better and no...I do not share or believe in open relationships. Have not considered a harem either, but I am not necessarily against it.

Again, I am not a monster. I will allow you to sexually pleasure yourself (within reason) and I would be happy to help stimulate you sexually in various ways (as I had studied about that extensively in the past among many other things I know) though it's not something I would find pleasure in personally, though it's nice having someone enjoy what I can do (as long as you don't take advantage or abuse me and my kindness). For me, I get more value out of love and the idea of using my penis in any sexual manner is not appealing to me (though if pressed, I have seen hollow strap on dildos for men that you would just stick your penis in, like a really thick condom that I could use on you). I certainly would be very affectionate and would very much enjoy being enveloped by your feminine softness and curves and revel in the luxurious potential of your flesh and feminine attributes. I would certainly like to indulge my whims as well, but the main focus is love and the many other things I mention near the end of the "about me" section.

I am also not opposed to a harem type of situation either, although that is unrealistic to expect, if there should be another woman you and I could enjoy (who could also indulge you more sexually).

So why don't you just have frien--

Because love is required and needed, and love does not equal sex. Love is more valuable and (I feel) often times more rarer than sex. You can't buy love, but you can buy most everything else.

You'll never find this/I know what you need to do to fix this/If you could just alter this like so...If you could only value only being/having (sex/alcohol/children/drugs of any kind/being used for money/etc) and not the nonsense you mention in your about me section....

Thank you for your opinions, I must've accidentally turned off my speakers because I didn't want to hear this at all.

Attitude aside, (and going back to the previous comment). I can live without this, but I could not be in a relationship and still live without many things I (fortunately or unfortunately) require.

People can live without romantic love (maybe not thrive though), and other forms of love...well they exist and are more readily available I admit, but it's not always enough.

Ok, sounds good so far. What will I do?

Whatever it is I ask, at any time, or place. Before you ask about if it's "within reason" or not. That's for me to decide, isn't it?

Yes, yes....but what EXACTLY is it that I will do?

Whatever. I. Ask. Did I stutter?

You will know, only when it your time to know. Que sera, sera.

Now obviously there are a few things I won't do...

Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or prosecution of the slave.

Where said command may cause extreme damage to slave's life, such as losing their job, causing family stress, etc.

Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm to the slave.

Where said command may cause psychological trauma to the slave, such as a rape scene for a slave that has been raped in the past.

See above plus there may be situational things too. I also have a contract written up that is required of you to sign once I deem you worthy.

Contract? So you are serious about this...

Yes, I am. This is a lifestyle, not a short term thing or a session or something to "try out".

"Lol didn't read."

Then go read or go home. My time and my efforts (like yours) are important and should be respected.

I doubt anyone looks for work or shops for homes or insurance in a "devil may care" attitude so why with someone that you will spend the rest of your life with?

But I don't always have time. I have (insert everything and anything both stupid and reasonable) to do or be....

Yes, we all do. However for important things we MAKE time. So...starting with this. I am priority one. Make time for me, as I would for you.

I want to know about you first. Who are you?

I will tell you only after you apply and I approve.

I've read all you asked, showed initiative and eagerness not just once but consistently, am loving, intelligent, sweet, can be an adult, forgiving, understanding, and can be much more because I can tell you really do care and I want to be the most amazing woman I can be with your guidance. I really hope we can work out. How do I apply?

Wonderful. I'm glad you are interested.

To Apply:
If you are still interested please send me what I request with the subject "Slave Application" with the following:

And this is ONLY after you ask permission first! I do not want applications via surprise please.

Measurements (cup size, waist, hips):
STDS (if any):
Offspring Yes, No?:
Are attached (married, bf/gf/etc)?:
Experience level:
Food allergies:
Food type preferences:
Food favorites:
Medical needs/illnesses (mental counts):
Do you (drink/smoke/do drugs(marijuana counts))?:
Detailed bio:
Any additional information:

Subject: "Slave Application"

This should be 1 page minimum single spaced, be elaborate, don't settle for bare minimum though. And no, using the bullets above do not count as part of the minimum length. Please give your message proper structure and it always helps to make it look nice.

Include 3 full body pictures (front, back, side) that are tasteful and revealing. Nudity isn't required, bra and panties are perfect, but at least nothing baggy or concealing in any way.

This is an application, you are presenting yourself to me. Laziness is not allowed. The more is better and the more elaborate and descriptive and with care if always appreciated. Going above and beyond is encouraged. Asking questions or getting clarity is welcome.

IT IS DOABLE. I know for a fact I can produce a quality work with a few pages of info in around 4 hours being generous. If you are interested, the longer you make me wait for a 4 hour job (like 3+ days for example...and no excuses everyone has responsibilities) then the higher my expectations will be, but at the same time...if you rush and produce something absolutely terrible. Or worse, like countless other women I've known, make me wait for several days, having me answer tons of questions and give tons of tips...and still produce something that a child would be ashamed of...that really tells about a person's character and how they value this dynamic and me, right?

Luke 16:10 New Living Translation (NLT) “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won't be honest with greater responsibilities."

You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) just how many times I have been failed on the littlest of things, even being as reasonable, generous and patient and understanding...I do not want that lack of faith, honesty or trust in a partner in the little things or the big things.

After all, people wouldn't work as terribly at school or at a job...if you're interested in being a slave/submissive why should you put in any less effort? In fact, it requires an even greater effort! This is a choice! It should be your passion! From the heart, with joy and love for service!

If you're not interested after us talking for a while, please let me know.

Obviously, if you're not interested from the beginning, I will take your silence as a good enough answer. Though it would be a great courtesy to just let me know if I actually messaged you.

After all, I am not forcing you into anything. It is, and will always be, your choice to enter into this consensually.

Any additional questions, comments, and/or concerns, please include them in your email/message.

I don't want this to be an online relationship or a series of endless emails. There's no point if you're going to do these kinds of things halfway. And if you're scared, don't be. You'll find a whole new wonderful side of you that you may never knew existed.

Please be willing to meet me relatively soon. I'm not asking for anything immediate, just eventually.

Take a chance, give yourself to me.

Thanks for reading. I know it's long, but it's worth it. I hope to get to know you soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.
See BDSM Checklist for a start, but since those change with time and are open to debate, and that I am flexible (to some extent). It is always best to discuss these with each other. Please don't ask me to list anything.

I will not tolerate emotional abuse, emotional sadism, emotional manipulation, neglect, avoidance, poor communication, infidelity, and lying, but that list is probably not exhaustive I'm sure.
What's new

The purpose of this document is to outline the purpose and use of the slave in regards to relations with her owner. It is a perpetual work in progress and should be treated as such as it, much like the slave herself, is forever subject to alteration and amendment as requirements change. It should also serve a lesser function as a reminder to what the slave is; should any of its contents make the reader uncomfortable it is unlikely this path is for them.


The slave’s purpose in life is to bring pleasure and happiness to those fortunate to be her owner (Drunk, she has no other place or purpose). Should she find herself without an owner or prevented of being of service to Him, her default purpose is to seek ways to improve her value so that when she is owned again she may be of greater use. This is the simple sum total of her place in life and it is this core principle that should underlie all her actions. Is what she is doing bringing pleasure to her owner, or increasing the possibility of her doing so later? If the answer is no the action is likely being committed in error. A slave lost for an activity to perform should always return to this basic principle – 'What could I do to please Him, or to make this girl more valuable to Him?' Therein lies the answer to her questioning.

Rights and privileges

A true slave has no rights. She has no aspirations beyond service, nor should desire anything for herself. It is true that at the beginning many slaves will struggle with this basic concept and time is always granted for the learning purpose, however this is the simple truth and all truths are simple. She is nothing and deserves nothing. Her worth and purpose come through her service to Him. Every denial, every expectation is a lessening of the use that she can be, every demand that she places is another flaw to be ironed out. The more flexible the slave the more valuable she becomes for the more she is capable of in the pursuit of pleasing her owner. Every slave should at her heart, seek to overcome her limitations and shed herself of her former rights as a free girl, those who can not put themselves on this path are not suited to slavery and should place themselves on another path.

A slave however has considerable aspirations and future goals to undertake. Just because she has no purpose other than to please does not mean that she is an empty vessel with no intelligence nor use for thought. A slave’s journey is one of consistent self improvement part of her essential function is a continuous investment in value. Thus her education and betterment should have as high a priority as making herself presentable on a day to day basis. There is no limit to the amount of knowledge a slave can usefully possess, even if one owner has no use for it another may well and so she should stay aware of her surroundings and learn what she may from every experience so she may use it for His and her own benefit.

This is not to say a slave is without privilege. She has the fortune of serving her owner and the bond that comes of such service. Any slave will find it simple to appreciate that she holds a far greater value than any other individual because of the amount she can so easily and freely give. There are not sufficient words to describe in the space allotted here the simple understanding between owner and slave, but such a bond is a rare privilege indeed. She may also from time to time, be allowed other privileges and freedoms has her owner permits, but these should not be confused with entitlements. At its most base level He may chose to bind her in a corner and leave her for a week for that is His Right, though the author believes that would be a grave misuse of such a beautiful creature and neglectful and unless great care is taken be a violation of the First Rule.

Self Identification

A slave is an object, she is no longer wholly human and is freed of the burdens that accompany such. She should no longer have to worry about her purpose, her goals, what to do and how to do it. Such things are set out for her. She has all the same rights as the kitchen chair and should view herself as such. Another taking advantage of her without permission is theft, another damaging her is property damage and inflicting injury on herself is no different. She is property, but has that rare of honor of being the most valuable property a man can ever own and deserves to be regarded as such. It is therefore proper that the slave does not think of herself in the 'First Person' for those are thoughts that should be left to the less fortunate free girls but instead that she consider herself as that object as 'this girl' or 'this one'. Addressing herself as if she is somehow on an equal footing to her owner will lead only to confusion, doubt and discipline. If she has a base need that requires expressing the proper thought might be, 'This girl requires water to continue to be of use.' and so the proper question would be; 'Sir, may this girl fetch herself a glass of water?'

This does not mean she does not require care, however. All property if neglected loses value, decays and ultimately crumbles to dust. Any owner who takes so little care of his things as to render them valueless never deserved to own them in the first place – While it is His right to mistreat them so if he chooses that does not mean He should do so.

The First Rule

The first rule for any slave is a simple one and comes before all others.

Protect Yourself.

A slave as property is a valuable object and is worth such value to her owner as such it is in His best interest that she remain as valuable as possible and thus as undamaged as possible unless such damage is a requirement of her specific use. This means a slave’s first duty is to protect her mental and physical health at all times so as to be able to provide the best possible level of service. Amidst other things that means she must take care to ensure that she eats, sleeps, reports any medical issues and seeks the relevant professional help if required, does not injure herself and does not put herself in situations where others might injure her and above all else never ever permits her life to be in danger – Even at the hands of her owner. A slave is too valuable to waste and even if her service to one is done there will always be others who value her.

She must at all times keep her owner informed of any impact on her mental and physical health that His instructions are likely to have so that He may always make the right choices for her and she must never seek to conceal any possible dangers from Him in the hopes that hiding them might somehow make her appear more valuable.

It is true that owners may wish to damage their slaves, by beating them, cutting them, starving them choking them and so forth. There is nothing wrong or unexpected with this, provided that the slaves ultimate well being is considered if she slave does not believe that her life is being safeguarded the first rule has been violated and any slave which feels this way has both the right and the duty to take her service to somewhere it is valued. Any activities that carry any degree of genuine risk should be discussed properly beforehand and steps should be taken to minimize any risk. The first rule is binding to owner and owned alike as without life there can be no bondage. The Author has nothing but disgust for owners who do not abide by it.

Mannerisms and performance

While this part of the work is specific to the author’s particular expectations and tastes it is hoped that it might provide a baseline for other slaves, prospective and owned to learn from.

Address – The owner is always to addressed with formal titles unless otherwise stated. He has no name, for names are to be used in an exchange between equals and an object can never be His equal. Other forms of address such as 'Master' 'My Lord' 'My Love' 'Beloved' 'Sir' and so forth may be adopted at his choice but any slave speaking to an owner whom she is not yet familiar with his preference should resort to this oldest of titles. The slave may be addressed in any manner that ensures she knows she is being spoken to, she too no longer has a name for an object does not automatically have a name so much as a description of its function, unless He otherwise deems it necessary for convenience and emphasis.

Posture – A slave should make her place clear by the way she holds herself. Meek manners and a careful posture are to be commended. She should never appear angry, confrontational, distressed or reluctant. She is there to be of use and value. Therefore she should always seek to present herself in the way her owner finds the most appealing showing off whatever natural grace and beauty she is fortunate enough to be blessed with and hiding whatever He might consider to be a flaw.

Speech – A slave speaks when spoken to. If she needs to communicate something or wishes to talk she should be expected to ask, 'Please Sir, may this girl...' She does not make statements of intent (unless asked), to do so implies she has made a decision without consent. She asks permission to perform activities with the reasonable exception that she may perform activities without asking if there is already a prior understanding regarding such. If in the presence of her owner she does not speak to others without his consent and does not answer questions about herself for the answers are His to decide.

Hesitation – A slave does not hesitate. If an instruction is given the instruction is to be acted upon. This is the key aspect of her performance. The only exceptions are if she finds the instruction unclear, in which case she should ask for clarification, 'Sir, this one does not know where the spoons are, may she know so she may fetch one?' or if the instruction is a violation of the first rule or possesses unforeseen consequences, 'Sir, this one's repeated dizzy spells make it dangerous for her to climb ladders, do you still wish her to change the light bulb?' Any hesitation is a failure to be as valuable as she could have been. Moments wasted are moments lost forever. This is why it is vital that any slave accepts her true status and place in life, otherwise she may find herself hesitating when she begins to think about performing instructions rather than simply performing. She has no mind of her own, only His mind and must react as if she were another limb of His.

Failure – A slave may occasionally fail at a given task and this in itself is nothing out of the ordinary. Some things may simply be impossible to accomplish, others always carry a given chance of failure that no amount of effort can alter. A slave should only be disappointed with her failure if it comes from a lack of effort and preparation on her part. To fail to give her all in the service of her owner, to let a task go undone that could have been done, to refuse an effort that could have been made, those are a slaves only true failings. As long as she has tried with all her heart, mind and soul, then she has not truly failed.

Sickness – Occasionally a slave may fall ill. Such are the hazards of mortal life and provided that she has at all times followed the First Rule, the slave can hardly be accountable for such things. She should feel no remorse nor misery for such and provided in her weakened state she continues to do whatever her remaining best is, in her condition and follow all available means to improve her condition and thus restore her value she is to be commended. A owner who abandons his slave because of such unfortunate circumstances is, in the views of this author unworthy of ever having owned her at all.

Responsibilities of Ownership

While a slave may have no rights, freedoms or expectations that does not mean her owner is free of responsibilities. There is no greater power than to hold the life of another in your hands and as the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility. A slave no longer has the freedom to look after herself, she may be injured, broken, forced into degrading/harmful activities, malnourished emotionally endangered, impoverished or any other manner of mortal dangers by her owner. Such is His right. However because she no longer has ability to look after and protect herself from Him, the responsibility for her life becomes His. He should continue to do all He can to protect his slaves mental and physical well being, to ensure the least possible danger from any activities she is forced to undertake and to ensure that should something happen to Him, as all men must die, that she is provided for until another owner can be found. In it's simplest terms a slave should finish her service to her owner in a more valuable state than she entered it. Her betterment is His responsibility, her safety is His to ensure and her value to the world His to create. Anyone who would claim ownership of a slave would do well to heed these words for if He does not she will soon come to ask why she serves Him. He is bound by the First Rule, yes, but it is not enough simply to ensure that the slave continues alive but that she learn and grow as well. Such value is of use to both parties and should not be forgotten.

An owner should also be aware not just of the physical damage that can so easily be inflicted on a slave but the deep underlying psychological changes that can be inflicted on slaves. One who is not ready to walk the path can easily be crippled or traumatized for life and most forms of training leave mental scars that can never be healed. A girl should be certain of the path she walks before walking it, for while it is her owner's responsibility to let her walk free of Him should she change her mind about the path she walks, He should also be held responsible for making her aware that the longer she walks it the more incapable she will become of leading the life of a free girl. As training is undergone, therefore it is His responsibility to let her know the likely long term consequences each lesson will have on her.

There is one more thing worth mentioning and that is such that a slave should never be lied to by her owner. He owns her completely, she may break the law with Him, and guard his deepest secrets with her life. As she is bound to him so undeniably there should never be any need to lie to or mislead her, a lie is the weapon of a coward or a tool to manipulate someone. A slave does not need to be manipulated and is no cause of fear to Him. Any owner who lies to their slave should expect the same treatment in turn and with such lies are relationships broken.


The life of a slave is never free from rules and duties, responsibilities and orders. Each slave will have her own responsibilities to her owner and as such this section is included here as an example of the basics that the author enforces upon His playthings as a reference for them and for curious others.

Self Care – The slave may not drink intoxicating substances, use any drugs not strictly for medicinal purposes, whore herself or perform any sexual activity with others, cut or injure herself or administer her own punishments without strict and specific instructions from her Sir in every instance. Such activities can be damaging to her psychological and physical well being. The slave must also ensure that she makes her best attempt to ensure a minimum of six hours of sleep at night retiring to bed no later than 10:00 and getting up no earlier than 05:00 unless her profession requires otherwise. She must attempt to eat three reasonably portioned meals a day and is permitted no more than one snack or dessert per 24 hour period (unless otherwise allowed) and is required to ensure that she is well hydrated with non carbonated drinks. Additionally she is to limit her intake of caffeine to no more than one such drink a day.

Self Worth – The slave is not permitted to insult her intelligence or her physical appearance aside from in the context of jokes or sarcastic remarks where it is clear to herself as well as her owner that she does not mean it. This rule extends to her thoughts as well as her words, it is not her place to judge her value, it is His and she is worth as little, or as much, as He decides. She is to accept gifts and compliments with grace and charity and is to keep Him informed of any issues of self doubt or lack of self worth so they can be addressed.

Presentation – The slave is expected to be of sound intelligence and present herself as such. Therefore when she speaks and writes she is expected to do so in proper English, the use of slang and abbreviations is not permitted nor is swearing. This presentation extends to her interactions with others as well as with Him, for he does not wish to raise or possess those not prepared to show to Him and the world their extraordinary worth nor for them to communicate without the utmost clarity. She is expected to be polite and well mannered at all times even to those she does not like as her actions are a reflection upon her worth and His, she shames him by descending to childish squabbles and lowers the quality of life in the world with bitterness and ill intent. Likewise she is expected to dress in such a way to show herself off to the world, she has nothing to be ashamed of and should be proud to be owned by Him. That does not mean that she should endanger herself by dressing in such a fashion as to provoke sexual predators, but it does mean that each day she should but care and attention into her appearance and clothes.

However, the slave is not permitted to wear excessive makeup, nor is she permitted to acquire tattoos, piercings or any other form of body modification (although previous ones are fine) unless previously agreed upon by her Master. The only exception is a single ear piercing on each ear which she may request. She is also discouraged from wearing all but the minimum amount of jewellery she is a slave not a princess and should remember such (unless otherwise permitted).

Sex – The slave is permitted to entertain herself freely with males and females online provided He is kept informed of all such activities and consent is sought before she does this or places herself in a compromising position Keeping in mind her Master is her First Priority in all things. She is not however permitted to engage in any form of physical relationship with other males or females without prior consent. She is not permitted to perform any form of masturbatory activity that provides with it any form of danger, [For example, Ass to Mouth or auto-erotic asphyxiation] though she is permitted to masturbate. Likewise she is permitted to seek relief in online pornography but is only encouraged to do with prior consent. There is no limit to the amount of times she may masturbate but she should be aware that such privileges are liable to be taken away if misused.

Finances – Should the slave be in possession of her own stream of income she is to remember that she and it are His property. As such once she has taken care of her basic needs, food, housing, water, heating, any financial debts she is legally bound by she is permitted no more than 20% of the remaining sum to spend on herself (unless decided otherwise). The remainder is to be kept separately preferably in a savings account for her future protection from emergencies and unforeseen developments.

Risk taking activities – The slave is not permitted to undertake any activity that carries with it a reasonable risk of death serious physical injury or emotional trauma. This includes applying for and accepting any job with those innate risks including all branches of the emergency services and the armed forces or any extreme sporting activity. Her life is not hers to throw away or risk.

Acknowledging what she is – The slave is not required to instantly inform everyone of what she is and whom she serves, though she is welcome to if she wishes. However she is not permitted to lie or mislead others in regards to it unless not doing such would be a breach of the First Rule. She is also obliged to explain the reasoning if questioned behind her refusal to perform activities that would be a breach of these rules for example, 'This girl can not come out with you drinking tonight because my owner doesn't permit me to drink.'

Truthfulness – The slave is not permitted to lie to anyone in any circumstance accepting those covered by the First Rule. Lying to Him is a particularly serious offense and liable to result in her dismissal regardless of the reasoning. She is owned by Him entirely and deception on any level will not be tolerated, including lying by omission or avoiding questions/difficult subjects. If she feels the need to lie, she should bring her thought processes to Him so together they can understand why she feels the truth would somehow endanger her.

Addressing Him - The slave should always refer to Him in respectful language and titles (such as Sir, Master, My Lord, My Love, Beloved, etc) unless otherwise given leave to use His name,  even when He is not present unless such would break the First Rule or would cause needless confusion. [Such as phoning His work and asking to speak to Sir, which without context would be unhelpful.]

Treatment of others - The slave should always treat everyone with respect and kindness as outlined earlier in this document. However in addition to this it is forbidden for the slave to harm or allow to come to harm any animal, either directly or indirectly. [This excludes the swatting of flies and spiders] unless such would be a violation of the First Rule.

Breaking of rules - There may come times where a slave is in doubt as to if a particular rule should be followed in any given instant. Occasionally deciding what should be done in aid of the First Rule can be a difficult prospect.

In all such instances, where reasonably practical, the slave should ask her owner for clear clarity on the subject so she may make an informed decision. If she has attempted to do this and a response can not be sourced in time, the slave is permitted to break rules provided she can present them as a justification of the First Rule. However it is vital she has attempted to seek permission first, her mind nor her body are hers to do with as she wishes and while He trusts her to make sensible decisions to protect His property, the rule were not written to be broken.

Interactions with others - It is a slaves responsibility to keep Him informed of any dealings she has with other prospective owners or play partners, male or female. As her life is no longer her own she may not make the choices herself, but nor can her owner if He is not kept informed of all the potential possibilities. As such, if she is propositioned, cat called, advanced upon, encouraged to break or bend her rules her owner should be informed without delay so that He may best advise her on a suitable course of action for her safety and His enjoyment.

Self Defense - The slave is not normally permitted to engage in any violent acts. However if the slave is endangered and the use of violence may eliminate this danger then in accordance with the first rule she is permitted to act. However the slave must keep in mind that the use of violence often antagonizes and makes the situation worse, such acts should only be committed as a last resort. Her priority above all others is to preserve herself in the best condition possible for her owner, and suffering some indignities may be a wiser course than risking more harm being done.

Requirements as a submissive; honesty, trust, and genuine effort, not perfection.
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