switch female

Georgia, United States
About me
Im a bi 26 yr old women starting her journey as a Femdom oriented switch. Im not seeking but I am curious. I like chocolate and crafts like sewing, and wood working. I take flamenco dance class, and Im trying to learn spanish.
BDSM and me
I knew from a young age I liked being the dominate sexual partner which lead to a lot of relationships were I lightly power bottomed. But Im confident enough now in myself to explore my dominant interest and take my time doing it. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Exhibitionist 100% Rope bunny 98% Rigger 97% Brat 94% Dominant 94% Submissive 90% Master/Mistress 88% Brat tamer 88% Primal (Prey) 87% Non-monogamist 86% Owner 85% Experimentalist 84% Switch 84% Boy/Girl 83% Sadist 82% Degrader 80% Voyeur 80% Daddy/Mommy 78% Slave 76% Masochist 75% Degradee 73% Primal (Hunter) 69% Ageplayer 64% Pet 56% Vanilla
No scat, no blood, no needles, no knives
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Sep 16, 2023
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Jun 2, 2023
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