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About me
I am...

A study in contrasts I suppose.

A logophile with a penchant for pedestrian crude speak. Fuck, yeah.

Pleonastic and loquacious, why use fewer words when there are so many interesting ones out there?

Tautological and no matter how many times I restate an idea sometimes you just have no idea what the goddamned point is.

Self-depreciating but proud, yes, sometimes overly so.

Occasionally witty, more frequently jejune.

Empathic but socially inept.

Historically almost pathological in my desire for privacy, but apparently prone to oversharing horrifically in the Blogosphere now. You've been warned. #sorry, not sorry

I like…

Language and words fascinate me in general (ya think?), sex in most manifestations particularly the kinky ones (well duh, see below...), adrenaline and endorphin stimulation in many varying forms.

I need…

The shelter of my own protection again for awhile. I miss interacting but just isn't in the cards much at the moment. 
BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I've been a bit deviant and wanted to experience life's available pleasures. So yes, I'm a hedonist I suppose, or perhaps more appropriately, a demimondaine...

I have always comfortably been Switch, although really only embrace the Domme side these days on the rare occasion Henna is allowed out for a breath. 

I identify as bisexual because I am attracted to and have been involved with men and women both for play and in relationships.

Definitely more poly-minded than mono, but not opposed to either dynamic on principle.

Things I particularly like include (but not limited to): Restraining/bondage, including a fascination with Shibari; impact play, bare handed OTK is a personal favorite; rougher sex; anal play; oral worship; toys in general.
Hard Limits - starting with the usual - no kids, real animals, severe injury.

Breath play, gun play, and cutting are truly terrifying for me (and not in a pleasant way) and fear or predicament play is of no interest atall.

Mind control/hypnosis is a hard Hard Limit for me. Nobody is going to fuck with my brain, nor I with theirs. Just. Can't. Go. There.

Soft Limit- intense degradation or humiliation, particularly outside of a scene, giving or receiving.
What's new
I'm afraid Life has won this round... the crotchety Dino still is too stubborn to leave completely *shakes fist at Life for being such a fucking bitch* but for now the poor ol gal is back under her rock for an indefinite period. May try and pop in occasionally (mostly because I miss this crazy place for some whack reason) but my already unpredictable and rando (and rude, yes, I know, sorry) drop ins prolly will drop to something even less conducive to polite and courteous interaction. 

I do still have one sharp claw hanging ferociously onto my Mommasaurusness, although I've been spectacularly unavailable for my Sweet Girl, she has been beautifully supportive and I'm blessed and eternally grateful. 

Until I get my shit together and see you again, please be well all...
- Henna
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Jul 14, 2021
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Dec 28, 2017
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