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About me
I am...

A logophile with a penchant for pedestrian crude speak. Fuck, yeah.  

Pleonastic and loquacious, why use fewer words when there are so many interesting ones out there?

Tautological and no matter how many times I restate an idea sometimes you just have no idea what the goddamned point is.

Self-depreciating but proud, yes, sometimes overly so.

Occasionally witty, more frequently jejune.

Quiet again, but trying.   

I like…

Language and words fascinate me in general, sex in most manifestations particularly the kinky ones, adrenaline and endorphin stimulation in many varying forms.

I need...

Not really sure at this juncture. Came to Cage trying to find something I used to know and discovered saudade.
BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I've been a bit deviant and wanted to experience life's available pleasures. So yes, I'm a hedonist. Still consider myself a Switch. Used to lean heavier to the submissive but the innate Domme-ness that is manifesting itself feels like a more comfortable state atm. I try never to say never, but the idea of ever kneeling for anyone again, outside of a play situation, doesn't seem terribly likely.

Have also always identified as bisexual because I am attracted to and have been involved with both men and women for play and in relationships.

Definitely more poly-minded than mono, but not opposed to either dynamic on principle. Things I particularly like include (but not limited to): Restraining/bondage, including a fascination with Shibari; impact play, bare handed OTK is a personal favorite; rougher sex; anal play; oral worship; toys in general.

There were a few people special to me here but I don't see taking on or collaring anyone of my own, or belonging to anyone else, in the cards right now. Not through any fault of theirs at all, but Life is a difficult bitch at times. And apparently I've thoroughly disturbed her sensibilities.
Hard Limits - the usual - no kids, real animals, severe injury.

Fear or predicament play is of no interest atall.

Mindcontrol/hypnosis is a Hard Limit for me. Nobody is going to fuck with my brain. Just. Can't. Go. There.

Not fond of harsh degradation/ humiliation, particularly outside of a scene.
What's new
Still existing in a quantum state I suppose, not totally gone but also not really here. May pop in and wander about now and again but with work, and Life in general, it's sporadic. Don't wish to be rude but not sure that I'll be returning many messages.

Be well...
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Sunday, July 28, 2019
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Friday, December 29, 2017
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