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About me
I am…

A study in contrasts I suppose.

A logophile with a penchant for pedestrian crude speak. Fuck, yeah.

Pleonastic and loquacious, why use fewer words when there are so many interesting ones out there?

Tautological and no matter how many times I restate an idea sometimes you just have no idea what the goddamned point is.

Self-depreciating but proud, yes, sometimes overly so.

Occasionally witty, more frequently jejune.

Empathic but socially inept.

Historically almost pathological in my desire for privacy, but apparently prone to oversharing horrifically in the Blogosphere now. You've been warned. #sorry, not sorry

I like…

Language and words fascinate me in general (ya think?), sex in most manifestations particularly the kinky ones (well duh, see below...), adrenaline and endorphin stimulation in many varying forms.

I want…

Not really sure at this juncture. Came to Cage trying to find something I used to know and discovered saudade.  

I need…

Not really looking for any new partners, play or otherwise, at the moment. I have been lumbering around long enough though to know that as soon as I throw out an absolute Life will inevitably sucker punch me so I try not to do that when possible.

To keep unpacking that which I carry and this is the one place I've found that actually allows me to do so. (Just a heads up, might want to avoid Saudade entirely if that sounds like an unpleasant experience for you, dear reader.) 

Good convo that makes me think (serious, silly, sexy, sciency, or any other scintillating subjects) with friendly kinky folk without pressure or expectations. Sound appealing to you too? Then do say hello sometime!
BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I've been a bit deviant and wanted to experience life's available pleasures. So yes, I'm a hedonist I suppose, or perhaps more appropriately, a demimondaine...

Always been a Switch, used to lean heavier to the submissive, particularly in relationships as opposed to play, but I'm enjoying the innate Domme-ness that is manifesting itself strongly now. Not ruling out ever kneeling again outside of a play only dynamic but it doesn't feel like a terribly likely situation atm. I do tend to be a sensual, nurturing Dominant. In a submissive role my preference is to be treated much the same, however, more intense play sessions can be fun on occasion on either side o' the slash.

Also have always identified as bisexual because I am attracted to and have been involved with both men and women for play and in relationships. I was recently reading an article about pan versus omni and I think omnisexual probably fits me perfectly. 'I'm not gender-blind, I notice gender but simply do not care!’

Definitely more poly-minded than mono, but not opposed to either dynamic on principle. Thoroughly cool with a wide spectrum of relationship dynamics from uber casual play to serious attachment but unfortunately I don't see taking on or collaring anyone of my own, or belonging to anyone else, in the cards right at this moment. Life is a difficult bitch at times and apparently I've thoroughly disturbed her sensibilities.

Things I particularly like include (but not limited to): Restraining/bondage, including a fascination with Shibari; impact play, bare handed OTK is a personal favorite; rougher sex; anal play; oral worship; toys in general.

Not really much of a masochist and definitely not a sadist, so no one is getting chained to a wall and bullwhipped! Nope, not happening. (More power to you if that's your thing though.)
Hard Limits - starting with the usual - no kids, real animals, severe injury.

Breath play, gun play, and cutting are truly terrifying for me (and not in a pleasant way) and fear or predicament play is of no interest atall. Like many others I've lived through the ramifications when it crosses over from fantasy to reality. Ain't pretty. Not going to kinkbash anyone who digs on edgeplay, just implore you to mind the razor's edge on which you skate.

Mind control/hypnosis is a Hard Limit for me. Nobody is going to fuck with my brain. Just. Can't. Go. There.

I'm not fond of harsh degradation or humiliation, particularly outside of a scene, giving or receiving. If I really like someone I will sometimes try if I know it's their thing. But it always falls kinda flat, just isn't authentic!
What's new
Well, inevitably it seems when I change up the ol profile because I'm feeling comfortable and reasonably okay about everything I am actually just setting myself up for a gutshot from Life. Maybe this time'll be different! Optimism reigns supreme.

Gonna try this again… Even though its bitten me in the ass, several times now, dammit...I still want to be involved celebrate the highs, commiserate the lows, and laugh at the mundane with other people who live beyond the pale. I'm no expert but I have seen, done, and been through some shit in my time. If I can help someone else avoid at least a little of the pain (and not the good kinda not avoid the good kinda pain!!!) I've put meself through, it just seems to be the civilized thing to do. I'm going to put out a few preferences though...

Although I'm happy to be interacting again, nilla Life is still entirely too demanding at the moment so I'd ask that if you feel like you may be hurt if I don't respond immediately, for both you and I please just don't reach out. Not saying I won't respond, just may take me a bit. And btw, I have a horrible habit of logging in and leaving Cage open while I'm working or otherwise occupied. Doesn't mean I'm actively ignoring anyone.

Second is a biggie, please use simple concepts and clear wording if you would like me to consider something you'd like to say. I love words and word play, but frankly some of you all suck at sotto voce shit. It gives me a headache and ups my anxiety to uncomfortable levels. I've decided that if I don't understand something it is going into a separate 'does not compute' file immediately and not making it into any data set at all. Don't want you to waste your time if I'm just going to ignore it anyway.

And the final is that I'm not interested in any more ugly. Frank discussion, lively discourse, and even conscientious objection and debate is good for our community. Just being assholes for the sake of being an asshole and only wanting to hurt, destroy, embarrass, and harass? For why? To prove who's metaphorical dick is bigger? (metaphorical because we bio-females can be just as crotch thrusty as the fellows in a cockfight) Crimeny, it doesn't have to be  hard. Just be cool.
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