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About me

I am…

A study in contrasts I suppose.

Almost pathological in my need for privacy but valiantly trying to figure out this 'open and honest’ thing.

A logophile with a penchant for pedestrian crude speak. Fuck, yeah.

Pleonastic and loquacious, why use fewer words when there are so many interesting ones out there?

Tautological but no matter how many times I restate an idea sometimes you just have no idea what the goddamned point is.

Self-depreciating whilst being a pretentious pointy headed bag of wind.

Occasionally witty, more frequently jejune.

Naive yet jaded.

Empathic but socially inept.

BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I've been a bit deviant and wanted to experience life's available pleasures. So yes, I'm a hedonist I suppose. 

Always been a Switch, used to lean much heavier to the submissive, particularly in relationships as opposed to play, but I'm enjoying the innate Domme-ness that is manifesting itself now too. I do tend to be a sensual, nurturing Dominant. In a submissive role my preference is to be treated much the same, however, more intense play sessions can be fun on occasion. 

Also have always identified as bisexual because I am attracted to and have been involved with both women and men for play and in relationships. However I was recently reading an article about pan versus omni and I think omnisexual probably fits me perfectly. 'I'm not gender-blind, I notice gender but simply do not care!' (ty to -Boop for phrasing it so well on a gif)

Things I particularly like include (but not limited to!): Restraining/bondage, including a fascination with Shibari; impact play, bare handed OTK is a personal favorite; rougher sex; anal play; oral worship; toys in general. 

Not really much of a masochist and definitely not a sadist, so no one is getting chained to a wall and bullwhipped! Nope, not happening. (More power to you if that's your thing though!)
Hard Limits - I'll start with the usual - no kids, real animals, severe injury (up to, and including death!).

Also, no scat or watersports. Breath, gun, knife, and needle play are truly terrifying for me (and not in a good way).

Mind control/hypnosis is a Hard Limit for me. Nobody is going to fuck with my brain. Just. Can't. Go. There.

I'm not overly fond of heavy degradation/humiliation, particularly outside of a scene. (giving or receiving)

I haven't found caning or whipping to be something I can take (yet?). Caging, or similar type of confinement aren't appealing to me.
What's new

Hey All!

Finally starting to feel a bit more like myself. It's been a tough few months (oh, who the hell am I kidding, it's been a tough couple decades…) but I'm ready to be back in the Cage with my peeps now. I missed you wonderfully kinky folks and our community. Thank you, a million times, to everyone that lent me their support, strength, care, friendship, and humor. Wasn't always able to respond but I read your words and they brought me comfort, even if it was just taking the ol mind off my ridiculous circumstances for a little while. I'm so looking forward to interacting with you all again. (Sorry in advance...quite sure some are thinking 'shit, she back...more prattling and stupid Henna-isms, greeeaaaattt.’) To folks I have not yet had pleasure of meeting (damn, where'd all these new people come from?!?)i'Hello, I'm Henna!'.ally

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