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About me
I am...

A study in contrasts I suppose.

A logophile with a penchant for pedestrian crude speak. Fuck, yeah.

Pleonastic and loquacious, why use fewer words when there are so many interesting ones out there?

Tautological and no matter how many times I restate an idea sometimes you just have no idea what the goddamned point is.

Self-depreciating but proud, yes, sometimes overly so.

Occasionally witty, more frequently jejune.

Empathic but socially inept.

Historically almost pathological in my desire for privacy, but apparently prone to oversharing horrifically in the Blogosphere now. You've been warned. #sorry, not sorry

I like…

Language and words fascinate me in general (ya think?), sex in most manifestations particularly the kinky ones (well duh, see below...), adrenaline and endorphin stimulation in many varying forms.

I need…

To keep unpacking that which I carry and this is the one place I've found that actually allows me to do so. (Just a heads up, might want to avoid Saudade entirely if that sounds like an unpleasant experience for you, dear reader.)

I'm retracting the 'just say hi' clause I'd previously had in this spot for now. My inbox remains open but not sure how much I'll be in, nor how quickly I'll return messages. I'm not looking for any new partners, on either side of the slash, don't need to be anyone's new best buddy or phone a friend lifeline and definitely not into being anyone's unwitting patsy in the games people play.
BDSM and me
For as long as I can remember I've been a bit deviant and wanted to experience life's available pleasures. So yes, I'm a hedonist I suppose, or perhaps more appropriately, a demimondaine...

I have always comfortably been Switch, although I lean Domme much more readily these days. My strong preference is to maintain roles once in any sort of dynamic though. Roll swapping on the regular may work for some Switch folks but I find it a bit exhausting.

Also identify as bisexual because I am attracted to and have been involved with men and women both for play and in relationships.

Definitely more poly-minded than mono, but not opposed to either dynamic on principle.

Things I particularly like include (but not limited to): Restraining/bondage, including a fascination with Shibari; impact play, bare handed OTK is a personal favorite; rougher sex; anal play; oral worship; toys in general.
Hard Limits - starting with the usual - no kids, real animals, severe injury.

Breath play, gun play, and cutting are truly terrifying for me (and not in a pleasant way) and fear or predicament play is of no interest atall.

Mind control/hypnosis is a hard Hard Limit for me. Nobody is going to fuck with my brain, nor I with theirs. Just. Can't. Go. There.

Soft Limit- intense degradation or humiliation, particularly outside of a scene, giving or receiving.
What's new
I am here for Faith. I was ready to say fuck it and napalm the bridge behind me this time. I may be a crotchety old Dinosaur and I joke about my tiny cold grinchish heart, but I do hurt and I do cry. I've made my mistakes but regardless of whatever anyone thinks or has been told I have always wanted to protect and support this place and help in the ever evolving community. You guys helped me heal from long held trauma and I wanted to return the favor. Not sure what I have left in me for any of you, but for her I am still here. 
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Saturday, June 27, 2020
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Friday, December 29, 2017
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