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71 year old Submissive with one year experience in a Master/slave relationship. This was at the turn of the century, so it has been a while. I am currently 4'11" and 131 lbs. I am losing weight for health purposes and have lost 37 lbs in the last 1.75 years. I was 145 lbs when I had a Master and he was okay with it. My hair is a combo of grey/white shoulder length. My eyes are blue. My breasts are not large and are a cup size of B. I have scoliosis with 2 curves to my backbone and a metal rod in my spine from surgery. I do not bend from the waist, only from the hips. I lean slightly to the right if standing straight. There is no pain in my back, but some caution would be advised. But even so, I was still able to play with my Master without to much difficulty. Riding a man is a bit difficult due to limited flexibility but I think if I was elevated with pillows under each leg to raise me higher and give me room to move, this might be sufficient. I am retired from the prepress area of a printing company (full-time) and from tutoring in Reading, Math, and Art (part-time). I have a BS degree in Education specializing in Art, but have let the teaching certificate lapse. I have always needed Art, Music, and God in my life. Without these 3, I languish. From the age of 4, I longed to know God personally, in a way that no one would have to teach me about Him. At the age of 18, I met someone who shared with me how I could have a personal knowledge of God as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible. It was then that I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and asked Him to apply His sacrifice on the cross to cleanse me from the sin that separated me from His Father. He also freely gifted me with eternal life as promised in the scripture. I now know that I will live in heaven with Him when I die. We cannot achieve this, it is something He voluntarily gives us. In essence, I became Born of His Spirit or as Jesus phrases it: "Born Again". I seek a loving Dominant/Master to have a love relationship with that reflects God's nature and His expectations. We would be a monogomous married couple set on pleasing and caring for one another. We would have a Vanilla life flavored with BDSM as much as we can. I look forward to being lead and handled by a trustworthy and understanding Dominant and I also desire to understand and grow in ways that please him. But he must have the same relationship with God that I do.
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Being a Born Again Christian, I had the impression that BDSM was something wicked and therefore not to get involved with if I wanted to walk a pure and holy life before God. But after I bought a home and got on the internet via web TV, I decided to investigate BDSM in the privacy of my own home. My goal was just to find out what it was. When I Googled it, one of the websites that popped up was Christian BDSM. Naturally I was even more curious then. So I read info at their website, picked a submissive name for myself, and joined their forums as a new submissive. I have a compliant nature and feel more comfortable in a supportive roll rather than a leadership role. Submission is where I function best and am most happy. My name lambsone means "One belonging to the Lamb of God" or Jesus. At first it seemed like I had found utopia. I met some wonderful people at Christian BDSM. Some of whom are still my friends today. Sadly the website and forums are not active anymore, but the info pages are still there and contain a lot of good information. There is also a nice article written by Sir Gardener (gentlespirit) answering some questions I had about the lifestyle. It may help other BDSM Christians out there who are floundering with their desires. I noticed that there is a copy of it at Leather and Rose's. If you want the link to any of these pages, just message me. After serving as a slave to a non-Christian Master for one year, I started to become discouraged and sadly began thinking that the D/s and BDSM life-styles were just another way for men to keep women under their thumbs (per the perspective I was coming from). I began to believe that the Dominant had all the advatages, and the submissive did all the grunt work. So I left it behind. Over the last few months I have begun to realize that I wanted a relationship with a good man, but that I needed the strength and structure that a Dominant/Master could provide, who would cherish and nurture my submission and myself. I need my body, mind, emotions and spirit handled by a man I can trust who loves me unconditionally and seeks no other. I long to know the genuine love of a man and a woman as God intended. I'm not just out for a good time as so many are. I want a deeper connection and intimacy that a right relationship affords.
For a person who the heavenly Master owns, there are some unique restrictions placed upon us in regards to BDSM play outside of the marriage relationship. Sexual physical contact and arousal are not permitted. So that would have to wait until vows were taken. A couple can be creative though and begin a power exchange based on discussing the vanilla and kink lifestyles and become familiar with what each wants. Getting to know your partner and building a solid love base would be critical at this pre-marital stage. Talk of sexual and BDSM activities would of necessity be limited, but not excluded completely. The Dominant may want to begin with some simple rules for his sub to obey and begin getting used to his leadership and he to her submission. He might decide what clothes she wears each day or give her a piece if jewelry, etc To remind her of their roles when they are not together. He might require her to keep a journal that he is allowed to read at will to discover her thoughts. I think he should do something similar so she can know his thoughts. They should discuss what each can respond to that helps them sense their individual rolls and how to progress towards a final commitment to each other in a safe environment. Communication is key. Silence or refusal to communicate cannot happen. No relationship develops when someone holds back. If something is difficult to discuss, say so and help each other to tenderly address whatever roadblock stands in the way. Always seek ways to love on one another, ask forgiveness for failures, and advice on how to solve issues that arise.

***** Do not expect submission from me if I don't belong to you. *****

***** Bullies need not apply *****
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Nothing at this point. I have yet to get some nice current photos in my profile, so I will work on that. The one that's there is a few years old. So look forward to that. Always if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, especially if you need clarification about something I have said.

Sept. 21, 2023
I just had a brief relationship with a very nice Christian Dominant who gave me additional training for one month. Unfortunately a permanent relationship didn't work out so I am looking again.

Sept. 26, 2023
Just added 3 Watercolor Paintings that I completed within the last 3 years. Watercolor is my Achilles heel in Art. I find it very difficult so these are not fluid paintings but more tightly rendered illustrations.

Sept. 28, 2023
Added a photo of Nemacolin Coal Mine. My dad was a miner when I was born and both my parentsj grew up in Nemacolin, PA. That's in SWPA in Greene County. My dad's father was a Supervisor in this mine. It sits on the Monongahela River or the Mong as PA residents call it. This is the original caption from the photo:

Nemacolin Mine, June 1920 - a few months after railroad tracks were extended to Nemacolin and first coal shipments by rail were made.
This photo is from the Flickr collection of Evan Williams II.

10-17-23 ... took out some photos to make room for others and also to delete the one's I didn't like. 
Had to say goodbye to my second Dominant here who gave me additional training. And I'm still looking for Mr. Right.

10-22-23 Added a photo and deleted a photo.

10-23-23 Entered into a Master/slave relationship with my previous Dom.

11-18-23 I'm finding out that the only person I can truly confide in and trust is God. Everyone else is fallible, including me.

2-5-24 Another Chapter ended. I hope the next Chapter has a happily ever after ending.

5-24-24 Still waiting for Mr. Master Right. Where is he hiding? Are there any Born Again Christian Masters here? No one wants to identify themselves in their profiles as such. I'm starting to feel isolated and lonely, especially since there's no active Christian BDSM alternative site anymore.
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May 25, 2024
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