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Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
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I AM WITH PAGAN she is my mine and  she is her Daddys LITTLE  KITTEN and I am Pagan's DADDY SIR,  we now have each other and we are not looking for anyone else in our relationship. I have found the most wonderful little sub who is her own woman but gives  herself freely to her Sir.
I am so very happy that we have found each other. She is taken by Samsea by  her own freewill....

I am no longer looking, neither is she... However we are ...happy to chat to others; but only to Chat..

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No blood, scat, children or drugs
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After an age searching for 'the one' just by a chance contact I found Pagan, or rather she found me. We both agreed there was a spark between us, but agreed we needed plenty of time. Which meant lots of meassaging back and forth on 'The Cage' until we.both felt comfertable enough to talk on the phone. When the time came for us to meet it was for a lunchtime drink near where she lived. I was sitting in my car as she walked across the pub car park, I took one look and I knew that she was right for me. How did I know..... I just did
Now I am WITH PAGAN, I only play with her, no one else
...owever I am happy to chat to others; but only to Chat...

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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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