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Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
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After a wonderful year with Kitten I am again searching for a submissive ....she has been unwell, plus the stress of starting a new business and for her health felt it best if we stopped seeing each other. I have nothing but good things to say about her and our time together which has been the best BDSm experiences I have ever had. We have parted on good terms and I wish her much love, good health and happiness in whatever she does

I have made some good friends on here and will continue to use the site as BDSM is and has become an important part of my life
The fringes of  South East London are as fas as I am looking, preferably within 50 miles of Canterbury, if you want to know more drop me a message. Sam

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No blood, scat, children or drugs
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I am in my late 60's am fit, solvent, healthy and very clean. I am married ( I will explain in more detail if you are interested).  If my situation is not an issue for you then drop me a line. If you are not able to accommodate then a Hotel meet is OK by me as I am happy to drive to you.

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