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Finding out who you are and where you stand in life can only make the journey more challenging and fun. I always used to think that somehow I was different, In how I dress talked walk and express things and see things differently from how others would. The more I got older and the more I learned how to be in tuned with myself I learned that I am just unique in ways others can not relate with or try to understand me, And that is ok, Maybe I was put here on this earth to be who I am and be around others to show them this is me. Close people to me have always stated that I have a big loving heart and give back with my kindness and warm embrace, I love that about me and I love that others can see it.
This is why I love being a part of the BDSM world because I can always be me and that flowing kinky energy that sometimes needs to be released. I am that fire cracker that sometimes it needs to be tamed ! I dream of finding someone who is on the same level as myself and who has just as much energy as me. Anyway I am just babbling on, I will add more as I think of what else I would like to share, For now thank you for reading.
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Good question about this one
I love the freedom that I can be who I want without judgment. I will update more as I think of more things to add.

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On my list of Books to read is Black Cake a Novel Charmaine Wilkerson, I am reading it now and trying to get into it so far it has been a hit or miss, I am still working on the book I do not like giving up so easily.
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