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I'm not new to the lifestyle or the Cage so please stop with the barrage of "Welcome to the Cage" thirsty emails. And for the love of God, get some new material.....regurgitating the same lame copy and paste lines/fantasies really isn't attractive.

Let me also state that NO, I don't want to see you naked, NO, I will not send you nudes, NO, I will not just drop to my knees and call you Sir because you demanded it, NO, I won't give my number, and NO, I am not interested in being your current personal quest!

If you're not a totally thirsty douche and can actually carry on a conversation, you might have a chance of getting a response.
BDSM and me
Long time friends, lifetime student
Disrespectful people, liars, drama, people that can't stay in their own lane, attention seekers, bad manners.
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Back for a minute, not sure for how long this time.
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Mar 10, 2024
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Mar 9, 2024
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