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Portland, Oregon, United States
About me
I was raised in the lifestyle as a Dom. Teaching began at age 10. Has been part of my life ever since. I do not mind helping someone if they have a question about the lifestyle however if your not really serious about a D/s relationship or the lifestyle as in are just pretending, using a name or role because are in it for abuse and sex? Do not contact me. I am interested in a lady and I do not share nor am I shared.
BDSM and me
 A Dom provides security, both emotionally, physically and financially. A woman wants to feel safe, not just in his arms, yet in everything. Then she can completely submit emotionally, physically and mentally.   You have to listen to her,  her words, her body. To learn how to meet her needs. How to take her to the edge and past it, safely. A Master is in control from her trust, submission, obedience, and surrender. It is offered as a gift. The old saying. Have your life in order mentally and physically so have something to offer. It goes for a submissive or a Dom.
- Anything that is abusive, if that is verbal or psychical, that is off limits. hitting, beating, burns, any of that garbage has nothing to do with the lifestyle.
- Fake people using a title pretending to be in the lifestyle because your trying to get laid.
- Predators and stalkers.
- Pee or poop
- Weapon play of any kind.
What's new
The life is like an union. Has many layers to it. Peal a layer, discover, enjoy.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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