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Illinois, United States
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For those who follow the Briggs Myers Personality Test I am ISFJ.  I do have children. They always come first above anyone. The term most commonly used to describe women like me is bbw. I am a work in progress to change that about myself.
BDSM and me
For me there has been some good some not. You grow and learn from each experience. I try to find the lesson to be learned. I will not respond to those messages demanding anything from me immediately. I will not call you by any title within seconds, minutes or even days of us talking.  You have to prove yourself worthy of said title and have earned the honor of me belonging to you. I also have to earn and prove myself to you. All of this takes time.
Kids,  no age play, blood, needles, knives, piss, scat, animals, degrading, pain, humiliation, married men, drugs of any kind and anything else illegal, poly. If you are much younger than me I am not interested. No one younger than 30. If you are young enough to be my kid(I have an almost 18 yr old) please don't waste my time or yours. You have alot of growing up to do. Looking for someone closer in age to me or older.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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