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To be your master, I have to know everything. But to know everything, I need to learn you. To learn you, I need to listen, to listen to the sound of you
To see the movements of your face and body 
When it really hurts, when it’s most difficult, when you can get past it, when you’re trying hard, fighting yourself 
What completely shatters you, when the mask gets tighter and becomes a part of you, to see past all your defenses, masks, moans, shaking, to see the real thoughts not the forced ones. 
And then to choose where to touch and what to activate, as I wish, for my benefit, for yours.
With intelligence, wisdom, fearlessly 
I know that you too are learning me. After all it’s mutual. The hunger, curious yet skeptic, to figure out who I am 
You expose yourself to me so I will too

Master, slave. First and foremost, man and woman, human to human. Whether we wish or not, the emotion will talk. The connection between us is the difference between a one night fling and a bdsm relationship.
And when I expose myself, you see the cracks in my ego, when I am worried, when I’m uncomfortable, when I reach my edge, when I stop, the good and bad. I’m not ashamed in front of you. 
Because I know there’s a reason I chose you and willfully exposed myself. And I know you will always protect my weak spots from all harm, keep them in the safest safe, guarded by a lioness. 
Maybe in a different situation, you would use this to scratch or fracture me but you chose me because I am whole. And that which is whole does not break. It is sturdy and strong in any situation.

And you know that, even with this knowledge, you are not stronger than me. That’s not the goal, it’s the outcome. You aren’t holding on to them in order to hurt but as the result of mutual exposure in the context of mutual respect. You are not just a slave to your master. You are also a confidante, a keeper of secrets, thoughts, fears, to the truth in me, to the conscious and subconscious. I have my key and your have yours.


BDSM and me
Bdsm is not just a play, not for me..
Its lifestyle and point of view

We are all humans inside of this definition
This why and how there is different kinds of bdsm
You dont need the best, you need the best for you

When you go deep inside into this world and into your inner world and understaind how to find and look at yourself its become you
In the right hands..and the right connetion to a human being, everything can be more easy in a world that make you growth from your inner sexualty.
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Im here to share my mind, my bdsm and point of view seeking for 24 7 slave
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