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My name is Dina I am a quiet girl, I keep to myself in rl but im quite open -maybe to much- I'm down to earth, some call me nuts because i am hyper sometimes. I am cheeky, sassy, fun and loving I have a family and is currently waiting for my 3rd to arrive ( if you read my blogs then you'd understand). I realise I am not the perfect slave for everyone, but what i also realise is that my situation is actually harder than it looks, If you want to know more I will tell you but that doesn't mean I can't do what i want, I am just limited.
BDSM and me
I am a slave girl - that being said I do hold my right to have my say and speak my mind whether I like or not, I'd rather be loved....than used, but used in such a way of pleasure, cared for and thought of.....Not fucked, abused and down right nastiness....I am not for everyone's liking. 

I love role play, it's so exhilarating to bring my imagination out the best I can be or do. I've punished a few as i seem to be apparently good at doing and others enjoying but I wouldn't even think of trying to top from the bottom.....I'm a massive flirt, I admit that, but I know my limits and only tease/flirt when it's ok too.

I like rope ~~~~~~ but I've never been tied up, the fascination of the knots and how someone gets tied into it is amazing. 
I like playing~~~ meaning I like to play a little and not be so serious (unless punished). I'm sassy I cant help it it's just me.
I may be bratty but I've learnt to control her~~~ she only comes out when needed ie to play or to push herself to be punished.
I enjoy some painful pleasure, it makes me happy to feel the pain but depending on my mood it brings out a side that I cant explain unless seen (An angered face brings more adrenaline).
I recently tried belt as a form of punishment ~ the pain mixed with the pleasure I experienced a little subspace. The most nervous but amazing thing I have felt, but then had subdrop without realising days later.
I dont know to much about the kink life nor can i say i have experienced a great deal.
I am broadening my experiences,
== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
100% Brat 
100% Rope bunny 
84% Submissive 
81% Primal (Prey) 
72% Slave 
71% Masochist 
64% Experimentalist 
64% Degradee 
53% Exhibitionist 
52% Vanilla 
50% Voyeur 
46% Pet 
43% Non-monogamist 
40% Daddy/Mommy 
39% Ageplayer 
30% Owner 
24% Master/Mistress 
20% Primal (Hunter) 
11% Switch 
10% Boy/Girl 
10% Dominant 
5% Rigger 
4% Sadist 
3% Brat tamer 
0% Degrader 
Blood scat, needles, drugs, guns, no blackmail, no children, piss play, no edging -- done to many times it's pissing me off so that is a hard limit), no using me for the fun of your own mind games (mindfuck well that's another story) NO fake profiles proclaiming something your not!!
And lastly
I am not a domme
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Not looking for anything serious right now
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