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Hi all and welcome to my profile :) im not really sure what to put about myself on here except that i am me i am a what you see is what you get kind of girl im down to earth, i love to joke and have a laugh, i probably swear a little too often but trying not to pose it on here, so yh i am a red head i love my hair red and its been that colour a little over a year now. My picture may look provocative but i like it and i took it myself. Im 5ft 1 and 126lb's i dont look to be skinny, a little chunk is better.
I have a partner and 2 children, understanding is a must in my situation.  Im a stay at home mother, i find my time to relax as i do being on here.
BDSM and me
Im a new beginner though i know some kinks but not really had the chance to experiment them.... i have 2 dark fantasies though i will not tell until i feel ready to spill, again i am new so my boundaries are pretty open and i do not know much of my limits, i would say im a try it once kind of girl and if i dont like it then it will be apart of my limits 

== Results from bdsmtest.org == 
97% Brat 
90% Rope bunny 
84% Submissive 
70% Masochist 
60% Experimentalist 
60% Sadist 
59% Degradee 
58% Slave 
54% Primal (Prey) 
46% Non-monogamist 
45% Master/Mistress 
44% Primal (Hunter) 
43% Vanilla 
42% Daddy/Mommy 
40% Exhibitionist 
40% Pet 
38% Degrader 
30% Switch 
28% Dominant 
27% Voyeur 
25% Rigger 
17% Owner 
14% Brat tamer 
11% Ageplayer 
4% Boy/Girl 
Blood, not a urinal, no knives, guns, scat, no blackmail, my hard limit i have recently learned that when i am pressured or provoked a domme inside me releases and she will stop at nothing to make sure she is heard.. (DONT PUSH HER) no under 25's ill just laugh at you
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