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Memphis, Tennessee, United States
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
Before any potential sub or slave contacts me there is a few things they need to know early on. These are things I will not tolerate nor accept from a potential sub or slave. Read below very carefully and thoroughly. The things below may sound harsh but they are the truth. I am here to find a female sub or slave whose serious about living the life style fully 24 / 7. Female Only, NO Males

If your a fake, wannabe, head gaming person then move on. I have no time for you
If you cannot be honest and truthful with me, move on.... I prefer both sides to be open, honest, and truthful. 
If your a liar, cheater, only wanting sexual stuff, and or a secret keeper then stay away from me. I want some one whose serious, loyal, faithful, and sincere about being my sub / slave
If you plan on talking about me behind my back or spreading Rumors then do not contact me
Final thing is this, I will Not Tolerate Disrespect in any form.

Since I have just returned to this site, be aware I am working on my profile for the next few days, so bare with me. 

Things I look for in a potential sub or slave.

1. I want open communication between us.
2. I want some one who will not leave or run away when we have problems.
3. I want them to take the time to get to know me as I get to know them.
4. I want them to give me their total attention as I give them mine.
5. I want some one who is serious about the lifestyle.
6. I want that special bond between us.

These things are vital / important to our relationship. So if any female subs / slaves contact me, know that I would like us to talk to see if we are compatible. I will be posting stuff about me, and other things on my profile soon. In the mean time if you have questions or concerns do contact me.
BDSM and me
This list will be comprised of two sections. The items I like and things I am interested in BDSM wise. So I will list the items I like first. But pay in mind when you read these lists that I am still working on them. So bare with me as I work on this section of my profile.

Anal Hooks
Cat O Nine
Crops (Riding) 
Floggers (Various styles & lengths)

Sex Toy Wise 
Animal Tail butt plugs
Clitorial Toys
Glass Toys

BDSM Interests: Special Note: Just because this list is my interests does not mean I do them all. This list is so potential subs / slaves can know more about me and to  see if we are compatible.

Ass Spankings
Bathroom Use Control
Being Dressed / Undressed by Domme / Doms
Breast / Chest (Slapping) (Bondage)
Breast Whipping
Bondage (Light) (Heavy) (Multi Day) (Public under clothing)
Cages (Locked Inside) (Punishment) (Sleeping In)
Chastity Belts
Chores (Domestic Home)
Collar Wearing (Private & Public)
Erotic Dance for Domme / Dom
Examination by Domme / Dom
Face Slapping
Fantasy Play
Following Orders
Forced (Masturbation) (Nudity) (Sexual Orientation)
Hair Brush Spankings
Hair Pulling
Having Choices Made For Them (Food) (Clothing picked out) (Medical)
Hot Oil Waxing
Humiliation (Private & Public
Kneeling for her Domme / Dom Owners
Licking (Giving & Recieving)
Lingerie Wearing
Massage (Giving & Recieving) (Full Nudity)
Nipple Clamps & Weights
Oral Play (Giving & Receiving)
Orgasm (Control) (Denial) (Training)
Over The Knee Spanking
Pain Sessions (Mild) (Heavy)
Public Exposure
Pussy Whpping
Riding Crops
Rope Play
Serving (As a Maid) (As a Waitress)
Shaving ( Arm Pits) (Legs) (Pussy)
Slutty Clothing (Private & Public)
Spankings (Recieving Only)
Speech Restriction
Spreader Bars
Strapon (Penetrated By)
Vibrator on Genitals
Wooden Paddles 


If any female sub or slave has concerns or questions about me, my BDSM Interests, my profile. Do feel free to contact me.
The list of things below are things I will not do or try. These things are a major turn off to me.

1. I do not do under age play
2. I do not do momma / daughter / incest play
3. I do not do Rape play 
4. I do not do scat / water sports
5. I do not do knife / drug play
6. I do not do Beastality / Pony Play

Side Note: I want to make this very clear, I am not interested in any sub or slave under the age of 19 years old. I prefer any from this age range 19 - 34 years old. 
What's new
I have just returned to the site after a break and I am looking for a female sub or slave who wants to serve a Domme / Dom couple. I am updating my profile as well....
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Monday, April 16, 2018
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