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I seek domination
I am looking for an online dominant between the ages of 20-35, I don't have any formal experience but am willing and able to learn, I am hoping to find a dominant with some experience so that they may be able to teach me what I need to learn about the lifestyle. The following is a list of the things I believe I can bring to the table as a submissive. 1) Lotalty: I won't leave you for another dominant unless you have given me valid reason too. 2) Obedience: once we officially become Dominant and Submissive I offer my total obedience to you and any rules we established within reason. 3) Commitment: I will put in the effort to communicate everyday and too execute my duties as a submissive to the best of my abilities. 4) Honesty: I will not lie to you and I expect the same. What I expect from a dominant. 1) Mentor: I am seeking a Dominant who will act as a mentor to me and help me in gaining new knowledge and skills and to help me achieve my goals. 2) Strict: I want a dominant who is strict about following the rules but is also forgiving. 3) Well mannered: I would like my dominant to have manners and to teach me the appropriate manners if he sees fit. 4) Intelligent: I think that one should be obvious. 5) Caring: I want a dominant who cares not one who treats me as property or an object for sex. I am looking for more than just sex from this relationship and you must also be looking for the same. If you are fit and have facial hair (preferably a beard or goatee) that's a plus, and if you are currently or previously in military service that is also a plus. Don't send me dick pics or messages that have "I am your master" or "you are my slave" or any variation of that because I want to get to know you before submitting to you. I'm sorry this is such a long post and I thank you for reading it all the way through and hope to hear from you soon.
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I'm a submissive primarily to men, I love being tied up and gagged, I would like to be formally trained as a submissive, I would also love to talk to women about bondage as I enjoy women tied up as well as myself, I also have an interest in cross dressing. If you want to know more just send me a message.
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