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Huntington, New York, United States
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I usually say I'm "feral first, kinky second." To my core I'm an animal, and It's only a matter of how far below the surface that hides. I'm not much of a pack animal, but pack-hierarchy and Gor are how my brain operates. It's how the world makes sense, it's how I parse the behaviors of others. However, I have been deeply influenced by various iterations of tantric meditation, specifically Kaula Tantra. Recreationally and academically I've made a study of endorphin highs and pack behavior.
BDSM and me
Sadism & dacryphilia. Nothing gets me all giddy quite like making someone hurt just how they want to be hurt, and tears are my biggest turn-on. Close seconds involving choking, scratching til the blood surfaces, biting to break skin... primal stalking and take down scenes are usually how that all starts off. Forced orgasms and puppy play often get thrown in the mix and, though I only do this with someone I know EXTREMELY well, botanical play. Stinging nettles, poison ivy oil, thorny branches... whatever isn't going to cause an allergic reaction.
Aside from my irrational hatred of Tim Allen and a disgust for the smell of burnt pretzels? Scat play, water sports, diapers... hoods/masks aren't a hard limit but I'm just completely turned off by them.
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Sunday, April 16, 2017
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