sub female

Evansville, Indiana, United States
About me
I’m a thirty year old submissive looking to chat not looking to be a slave or anything like that more into daddy doms or something like that but looking to explore. Willing to try almost anything once definitely love being a people pleaser love to meet new people
BDSM and me
Things I want to explore and what not I’ve had a dom looking to explore and find new things and adventures
piss scat illegal stuff knives needles animals kids I’m sure the list will grow lol
What's new
== Results from bdsmtest.org == 

100% Submissive 

100% Brat 

100% Degradee 

100% Rope bunny 

98% Slave 

95% Masochist 

76% Boy/Girl 

58% Experimentalist 

53% Exhibitionist 

50% Voyeur 

49% Primal (Prey) 

43% Non-monogamist 

42% Pet 

33% Ageplayer 

1% Daddy/Mommy 

1% Brat tamer 

1% Vanilla 

0% Primal (Hunter) 

0% Rigger 

0% Dominant 

0% Degrader 

0% Owner 

0% Master/Mistress 

0% Sadist 

0% Switch 

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Monday, October 8, 2018
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Monday, May 14, 2018
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