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I could use many labels but I think in simplest terms I'm a Dominant, Rigger, Education and event organzer, Sadist and a DaddyDom. The last two though seemingly in conflict aren't as I am as loving and protective as I am creative, joyful and appropriately evil in my sadism. I really try and only do what befits the partner I'm with. I play by the motto "I want the next date, and the next one after that" so I am about matching needs. 

As to relationships I am separated from my vanilla spouse though remain amicable with her and I am still a real full time Daddy to three wonderful humans. I'm enjoying the abundance and acceptance I've found in the kink community. And I know there is much more to explore. I have an amazing partner, wonderful submissive and many deeply connected play partners. Poly has always been who I am but it is only in these last couple of years that I have been able to enjoy and express the whole of what poly means to me. I have an infinite amount of love. I don't have an infinite amount of time or energy so while I have many friends and I am grateful to them all, it is my loves that walk me through this world. I welcome more friends though my general philosophy and practice with this is to either have met new friends in person or in some way share a significant connection either through interests or other connections. Though not a masochist I do occasionally pinch myself to make sure all this wonderful abundance is real. I am living a life that I could have scarcely dreamed of in my youth.
BDSM and me
I'm an avid rope enthusiast and will be continuing to learn and grow in this facet of BDSM. I am also very much into rough body play using punch, grabbing, biting, kicking and pressure points in this style of play.  On the impact front if it can be wielded to hit I am a fan.  I love the dance of a flogger. Whips excite me and I love snake whips for that feeling that I am both taming a seemingly living creature and using it to create a kinitic reaction and connection with my bottom.  

I'm also a kink event organizer and sometimes educator. My goal in both is to share my passion for kink with this community and to give back to the kink world some small portion of what I've received.
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