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Seeking a Truly Submissive Girl that desires a Master/Lover

 I'm searching for a submissive that will deeply prioritize their devotion to me over their base whims and desires. I enjoy control over all else, and will have the final say in all matters I deem important. I'd prefer a long term relationship, for her to be patient, trustworthy, respectful, thoughtful, humble, and maintain unwavering loyalty to me. Another preference I have, is for her to be an introverted homebody type. And to only really need my presence in her life, far above any others. As far as her looks go, a decent idea of what I like is a dark alternative style (like emo/goth) with pale or light tan skin, straight hair, and a lean body (mainly no sag). Also, for her facial features to not be too big or small, essentially inconspicuous. The only stand out facial feature I ever like are the eyes. If you're mostly a good fit, but foresee a potential issue, I'm open for discussion. It may be a non-issue with the proper context.

 As for me, I'm an introverted loner who prefers home over other places. I'm not much for conversation, especially when not in person. I only enjoy talking when I specifically have something to say, or when engaging with someone I care for, but I often don't enjoy talking for the sake of talking. I enjoy self improvement related things, including mastering my sub's body and mind. For my body, I'm always improving my strength, health, and sexual ability. I've got a good muscle mass, but still some fat to trim. My stats are approximately: 5'6" height, 180lb, 8" cock, 27 years old, and mostly Hispanic. For my mind, I'm learning about programming, and investments regarding the stock market. In my downtime, I mainly enjoy videogames (single-player, shockingly), internet content, animation, and music (rock styled, as well as VGM). Currently, I have a decent income, but am focused more on the long term over short term. I do have a vehicle, don't live alone, but am planning to move when the time is right. The location isn't set in stone, though I'm thinking somewhere near where I live now, or a surrounding state. I have a couple discreet pics in my profile, and I don't intend on showing more unless I find someone who seems real and interested.

 Kinks aren't really of importance to me. I mainly like control, and a certain relationship dynamic. Which is tied to me being possessive and territorial with my lover, so I require the kind of sub that can appreciate those inclinations of mine. Of course my sub should be able to handle my appetite, regardless of my energy or aggression levels. I don't intend on permanent damage however, long term includes looking after my sub's health. Enjoying control, and finding psychology interesting, I am curious about hypnosis. Though I can understand if that's too unnerving for most, just a potential bonus for me. I do however, like a nice collar on my sub for the aesthetic, as well as its symbolism. Otherwise, I'm willing to consider most things that don't involve other men. Just be aware, kinks must be secondary to the overall relationship dynamic for this to work. I'm after a devoted and submissive lover, not a play partner.

 If you feel that you may fit what I am looking for, and are very interested in being mine, I may be willing to hear out your desires and fears. I want my girl to be happy, but I know what I want, and what she wants should complement that, not contradict it. That being said, I am willing to work with things like weight issues, acne, distance, inexperience or some other technically mendable issue. I value effort and willpower over unearned good fortune. However, I'm not particularly interested in raising a child at this point in time. Much less one not of my creation. I don't mind getting to know each other online to start, but I do want to be together in person. If you can't move in with me, it would just depend on how strong of a connection we have. I may even be willing to come to you, under the right circumstances. Otherwise, you would have to be an extremely good fit for me, and you'd have to excessively want to be owned by me, specifically. Only then will I consider having a long distance relationship for as long as needed. If you live in another country, just be aware that I'll fully expect you to move to my country in due time. I'm not interested in leaving mine, for the foreseeable future.

What I Require In A Response:
- Confirmation that you read everything
- 1-3 pics showing your face and body (Or a good desc. of yourself if that makes you too uncomfortable for now.)
- What appeals to you about me, and my post (Also what doesn't, if applicable)
- Your age
- How many guys you've been with previously (Do you have kids?)
- Your STD history, including the present
- Basic home/financial status
- Future plans, or do you only want what your Dom decides is best?
I will not share my sub with others.
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