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Wisconsin, United States
About me
I'm gonna start with I have a dom. My Master and I may be new to eachother, but I'm his. Respect that. I'm on here to make friends and understand what I kind of stumbled into.

I am a sub female and new to all of this. I'm a mother of 2 and work as a cna. I've had to be dominant in my life in every aspect because I didnt have a choice. I'm realizing more and more that yes I still want my independence because I've worked hard for the little bit I've got, but at the same time i crave the feeling of being dominated.
I've had to set my rules and have all the answers for not only myself but evryone else in my life. Ive always felt the need to serve and make others happy. Mostly because I feel happy knowing I'd helped, but its exhausting. I need someone to take over for me when I'm so burnt out i can't think. I need someone to make me feel protected, keep me from feeling alone, who is stronger then me, and will make choices for me. I need that structure.
Being a submissive to me is all about trusting and pleasing my dominant. As long as he is happy i can be happy. Almost everything I do is to ensure that he is pleased with me. I trust in the decisions he makes and do my best not to question. I am naturally curious though. I am prone to questioning mostly because i like to understand. I'm not one to guess and I absolutely despise messing up and disappointing my Master. It hurts and feels heavy. The only thing more important then the needs of my Master are my children.
I'm sure it seems odd that i know all of this with less then one years experience,  but i tend to know what I want. It's a feeling and something that I don't really need to think about. I simply know it.
BDSM and me
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100% Submissive
97% Rope bunny
88% Slave
78% Vanilla
75% Masochist
75% Experimentalist
65% Degradee
61% Primal (Prey)
58% Non-monogamist
53% Exhibitionist
50% Voyeur
43% Brat
42% Pet
11% Ageplayer
4% Boy/Girl
0% Switch
Nothing to do with urine or feces. Anything illegal or with kids or animals. No cutting. I've had to kick that twice now I cant start up again. I won't do poly. If I am not enough that you feel you need another then move on. I am, of course, still learning.
What's new
I don't put "owned" or "claimed" or any of that in my screen name. Its a test. Don't tell me you read and liked my profile then ask if I'm looking for a dom. that tells me you didn't actually read it. I will stop talking to you from that point on and possibly block if you push me. Just fair warning. Again I have a Master. I'm fine with being friends and yes he knows this.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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