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Texas, United States
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I have known I was submissive since my early 20's. I have been in and out of the lifestyle many times, for various reasons. It's been 4 years out and I am struggling with dating vanilla men. You go on a few dates and in the course of conversation you bring up kink and either their eyes glaze over or they look at you like a freak. Have yet have one man look me in the eyes and tell me keep talking. I am 51, lush, fluffy, bbw whatever is the way to say it. I was in my last Dom/sub relationship for a very long time and it ended badly. Call me a hurt soul, or maybe skeptical, but I am willing to get back on the horse. I found this site in a search for more. I don't know much about it or the expectations. I feel like a newbie at this all over again. I am sarcastic, a smartass, an open heart with lots of personality and yes, an inner brat.

BDSM and me

Likes, bondage, nipple play, medium pain, crop, flogger, spank, sometimes whatever is close. Sensation awareness, if that is a thing. Submission for me is like eating really good food. Visual, the feel, the taste, anticipation, you smell it, see it, feel it, your imagination of where it takes you. Adventurous, open, like the name says, out of practice.

The no list, blood, knives, needles, drugs, anything to do with body fluids. I will not hurt myself or others. Animals, kids, anything illegal I am sure there is more on this list, will add as it comes back to me.
What's new
New for me, I have found someone.  It's new in the scope of things life related.  We are building a foundation and relationship.
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Monday, March 11, 2019
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