Isla Noir​{Not lookin}
sub female

Chicago, Illinois, United States
About me
**I am NOT looking for a Dom/Domme or anything other than just making friends**Call me Isla; it’s pronounced eye-luh (like the first part of Island). I’m a BBW with brown hair and emerald eyes; I’ve been told I look (and act) like Melissa McCarthy. Here to make friends and learn more about this wonderful thing we share. I repeat, I am NOT looking for another partner of any kind, only friends. 
BDSM and me
Somewhat new to D/s; I’ve always known I was submissive but have only had one actual Dom -the one I currently play with. I’m a submissive with  many facets. I’m a monogamist myself, by preference. If you’re poly - good for you! Just not my cup of tea. One at a time is enough, regardless of officiallity. Ultimately I crave being a good girl for my Sir, a slut when he wants me to be, as well as funny and a little bratty to lighten the mood. It’s also so hot to know I’m His possession, His good girl, His dirty slut, and His to protect, guide, reward, and discipline. I also love knowing I’m His independent, versitile woman that is fully capable of being His strength, rock, and one to hold Him when He needs it.
Online only Dom (I prefer real life tbh), having more than one Dom/polyamory, FinDom, people not respecting my boundaries, isolation, extreme pain, permanent marks and/or branding, medical play, marks I can't cover up when I go to work, blood, puke, poop, pee, vomit, incest play, age play, animals, anyone under 18.
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