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**Disclaimer: Focused on me and the hand I'm holding. Not interested in anything other than writing, friendships and a drama free zone.  If you can't handle or respect that,  I won't deal with you.**

***ALSO: If you're a Dom, Domme, or sub male...and would like to speak privately with me, whether through bond or messages, contact my Sir first to obtain his permission or I won't respond.***

Now... about me...I'm Puerto Rican. Confident. Sassy. Independent. An alpha female who's strong. I'm a single mom of a 5 year old little boy that I adore more than anything in this world. All I do is for him. 

So when I'm stand off-ish with trust, and struggle to really let people in or let them help me, its because of him. I need to protect him and I need to be healthy so he will be happy. I need to be healthy, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too. I've been abandoned by men more times than I can count, so I tend to just sit back and wait for the other shoe to drop. *shrugs* Its unfortunate, but it's had to become my nature. My defense mechanism. Preparing for the worst I guess.

Other than the heavy stuff above, lol, I'm artistic and creative. I love art, music, singing, dancing, writing, if my blog is any indicator....and books! Omg do i just love books! That's actually what started me on this beautiful journey into submission.

I'm a hard worker who strives for perfection. To be the best. Very competitive. But so loving and giving. I wear my heart on my sleeve and when you're in my circle, you're in. 

I hold much passion within me and I long for an outlet....
BDSM and me
 I have about a year of experience. Online and in person dynamics.  I've  always known I've loved this lifestyle since it became a serious consideration in my mind. But I've grown to adore it even more as I travel on my journey. I've jumped into the rabbit hole and I never want to leave Wonder Land.

The passion in me to enjoy this lifestyle safely and consentually is a burn that will never dissipate. I love the power and strength in submitting to a Dom that truly values that gift and sees it for the pricelessness it really is. Its a beautiful, soul deep connection that helps both people grow. It makes you more. A dance that you do, letting the Dom lead while I follow is exhilarating when I can trust him to not lead me astray.

Hold me firm. Know your own steps. Be sure. So I may keep my eyes focused to your eyes. I won't need to look down or elsewhere because your confidence in you will lead to confidence in me that will lead to my confidence being right back in you. That give and take is what makes this sub wet. It is what makes me yearn to kneel to your will. For your pleasure will be my pleasure.                                              
To be discussed between my Dom and myself.
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He came and grabbed my hand. He's holding it firmly. We're building trust and enjoying the lovely scenery and beauty of connection on this walk we're on together.

To Him:  Thank you for being who you are. Always MY Superhero.

(As of 8-11-19)
**I would say Totally Accurate** 
== Results from == 
98% Submissive 
95% Rope bunny 
90% Voyeur 
75% Pet 
69% Primal (Prey) 
53% Experimentalist 
51% Ageplayer 
43% Masochist 
37% Exhibitionist 
36% Brat 
36% Slave 
23% Degradee 
21% Boy/Girl 
3% Non-monogamist 
1% Vanilla 
0% Primal (Hunter) 
0% Brat tamer 
0% Rigger 
0% Daddy/Mommy 
0% Dominant 
0% Degrader 
0% Owner 
0% Master/Mistress 
0% Sadist 
0% Switch 

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