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** No one has permission to copy, steal, or plagiarize any of my photos or the writings in my blog.**

First of all, I'm going to preface by saying...
I'M NOT INTERESTED, SO FUCK OFF! ...respectfully. 

**I belong to someone and it's not you**

Im a single mom of an 8 year old little boy that I adore more than life itself. I also work full time, while having my son with me full time, which means that im very busy and will make time for those who understand and respect my responsibilities and who will prioritize me as well. I love to read, listen to music, sing, dance, just learn and grow myself. Trying to be the best me I can.
BDSM and me
Ive been in the lifestyle on and off for 4 years now. Ive had some painful, yet beautiful experiences online and in person. Everything Ive faced, I've learned and grown from which is a win for me. I'm also a sapiosexual and demisexual. My partner understanding those needs in me, is very important. A while ago, someone asked me how I would describe being submissive. I thought it would be helpful to those reading my profile, to see my response so ive put it here...

I describe being submissive as above average. From my needs to my service. The level of communication required to be in this lifestyle safely, is pro sport level. Its important for both sides of the slash to truly listen as well as express themselves. I love to please, be obedient, to provide something to my Dominant that nobody else is capable of. To honor his dominance which is a gift to me. To value his guidance, care...the safety he provides.

I ultimately desire a true mono relationship where I could be physically held and adored by you. For us to accept each other fully and without judgement. To grow together in kink and vanilla.
Vanilla and Kink Wise: fakers, liars, cheaters, gaslighters, game players, judgy people, and kink shamers.

Kink Based: illegal, scat, vomit, blood, permanent marks, humiliation and age play.
What's new
5-11-22: Not interested in anything here on the cage, but friendships and writing. Be respectful of this or you'll be ignored/blocked.

6-10-21: Fully focused on myself and my growth. Within that thought process, comes no desire to pursue a relationship of any kind at this time. Be respectful and don't contact me with negative intentions or you will be blocked. 

Writing more and more.... have been very inspired lately. To write is to express myself in ways I couldn't do otherwise, so I try to leave a piece of my soul on the page each time. Its just another way to get to know me, if for no other reason than to get a taste of my talent.
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Jun 17, 2022
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Jul 16, 2018
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