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I live in Essex, UK (near London) and I am a well-educated, professional and ambitious girl. I love wit, sarcasm, intellectual conversations and a great sense of humour. I am extremely opinionated and love a good debate, though I am highly Respectful towards others.

"Treat others how you would like to be treated"

I am a bit of an anomaly, as my interests are equally varied. I am kinky, girly, sporty and nerdy. I LOVE running and pretty much run every day. 
Other things I enjoy: swimming, hiking, rock climbing, dancing, spinning, gaming, reading, sci-fi (huge Star Wars fan), shopping and socialising. 
I consider myself to be a unique combination of sapiosexual, demisexual and pansexual. Saying that, I hate labels and generally find that I don’t  fit perfectly into any of them. I am playful and sweet most of the time, but I am definitely not a human door mat. I will always speak up if I think something is wrong and I DESPISE any form of bullying. 

I am a rather curious being and love learning new things, or exploring new ideas and concepts. I also love travelling to new and exciting places whenever possible, and generally getting as much out of life that I can.

Trust, Honesty, Inteligence and Respect are the most important qualities to me.

"Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair"

BDSM and me
Previous Experience
I am relatively new to the bdsm community with very little experience. But what I lack for in experience, I make up for in attitude and enthusiasm 

According to my friends i am confident and sassy, but fussy when it comes to relationships. However, I do not consider myself to be Fussy I have just been unable to find what it is that I truly desire.

I have always been rather kinky, and was introduced to this lifestyle by my ex partner. This led me to seek out an online community, where I could learn more and meet like-minded people. 

In the past I’ve enjoyed:
- forms of bondage 
- impact play 
- sensory deprivation 
- orgasm control & edging 
- anal play 
- rough play (hair pulling, choking etc)

What I want 
...But I want more than this. I want to be able to give over my control to a dominant partner I trust - and feel cherished whilst doing so. I love power exchange, and this is what I crave more then anything else.

I am open to online D/s whilst learning or establishing a connection. But I would like something in Real Life eventually, so please keep my location in mind if distance bothers you. I am also in No Rush to find what I’m looking for and am willing to learn as much as I can in the meantime. 

*Although I have listed as 'submissive' on my profile, I can switch with females*

Things that appeal to me 
bondage, (particularly rope), sensory deprivation, CNC, ice and wax play, clamps, impact play (flogging, spanking etc), rough play, power exchange, electro-play, orgasm control/denial, edging, being an alpha sub, primal, anal etc
I am not interested in/nor willing to try any of the Hard limits. I will NOT change my mind. Soft limits are concerns of mine but can be negotiated. I also will not tolerate lying. If you lie to me, I will no longer be communicating with you. No exceptions

 Hard Limits

- Bestiality
-Permanent damage
-Age play

Soft Limits
Blood play
-Breath play

Other than that, I’m pretty open and happy to try most things at least once.
What's new
Had a go at the Meyers-Briggs personality test. For those of you who follow it, mine came out as 
INFJ (Advocate)

Although I must admit that it is flattering being told that my personality is comparable to Mother Teresa...I don’t put to much faith into these tests

❤️ Shahh ❤️

Flexible and always learning. Testing my own unique potential. Focusing on my own preferences and options at the moment. So currently unavailable 

"When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born"
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Thursday, February 7, 2019
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