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Toledo, Ohio, United States
About me
Frist and frist thing i have to say is i dont like to be judged and im not judgeing anyone on their lifestyle so please dont judge me. I'm a 36 yr old female. I'm happily married to a wonderful man that is 44 and he understands me 100% on what I like and dont like sexual and non sexual. He is completely aware of me being on here and has no problems with is cause he know this is something I need. He is not part of this experience I am to keep it seperate from our life and marriage. I love amethyst jewelry and stones. I am a big daddies girl. I was born in 1982 so yes i am 36. I have also found out who I am. If you want to chat message me. Im online only im not looking please respect me.
BDSM and me
Im not looking please respect me.I have always been curious about this stuff like.I like the thought of being dominated but I also like the thought of dominating another female or even her dominating me. Yes I'm learning alot about this world and I have had alot of mistakes but I'm learning from them. I'm also learning alot about myself I love rp but I have certain scenarios and implements that trigger me to feel stressed and emotional. I have listed these trigger in my limit please take the time to read. And if a trigger happens I need time to recover and might be short time might be longer depends on the trigger. And I really enjoy choke play. Now some of my limits I might be willing to work on with the right person. If you want to chat message me but please remeber im online only. Here is my current bsdm test == Results from ==
99% Brat
99% Rope bunny
93% Primal (Prey)
91% Degradee
84% Slave
83% Voyeur
79% Boy/Girl
79% Submissive
75% Pet
73% Exhibitionist
68% Masochist
59% Switch
58% Degrader
58% Experimentalist
53% Non-monogamist
53% Ageplayer
47% Owner
44% Master/Mistress
43% Vanilla
42% Daddy/Mommy
42% Dominant
37% Sadist
29% Rigger
29% Brat tamer
12% Primal (Hunter)
No children,sounding, illegal drugs or anything illegal these are all hard limits. I have a hurt right knee will explain if you ask it's a hard limit. Being tied up and left alone for hours is a hard limit. Blood is a soft limit, wax play is a soft limit, belts are a soft limit, that's all for now. Yes some limits I might be willing to test with the right person. Online only
What's new
I'm not looking at all. Sorry please respect me. Finding more out about myself and still making changes for the better. I meditate twice every day and if my triggers only
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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Friday, July 20, 2018
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