sancho panza​{Ingénue}

Alberta, Canada
About me
I live for my Owner's orgasms.


Not looking.  Period.  I thought I was mature and had ‘found’ myself.  But I’ve realized that I have a long ways to go, and that ‘self discovery’ and a mature state are likely chimeras one chases for their entire life.  This seems to reaffirm itself constantly.

Being D/s isn’t about finding one person to mold you into what they want you to become, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who see the potential in you and help you become all that you can be, shaped from the core of yourself.  Ultimately, there will be one who sees you best and can help you there so naturally and easily.  And that one will change over time, it is a fact of growth.  Us humans just don't do stasis very well.
BDSM and me
Really, only online experience.  My circumstances don’t allot me a great deal of free time.  I pine for the emotional and physical connection of a real life relationship, but that forces me to be extremely patient.
Constantly exploring this.  Can’t know until one tries.  Thinking that limits are more about agreed areas of exploration between two like minded people.  Pas de merde.
What's new
Much is.  Everything isn’t.  Well, I'm deployed until November, so everything is new!  New weather, new culture, new languages, new people. None of the comfort items I had back home. It's almost like a rebirth.  Perhaps I should go native, as in Heart of Darkness...I’m nothing butt trouble.
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Friday, May 3, 2019
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Friday, January 13, 2017
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