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I have deleted my photo because I did ot realise it, but they show up in Google with your profile.

Hello and thank you for stopping by my profile.  Please also read my blog below to see what kind of man and Dom I am.I am a renaissance Dom, eternally Avant Garde. Animalistic, intelligent, articulate, unwavering, strict. A gentleman Dom with class, culture, wisdom, travelled. This is my lexicon, my maxim, my mantra, my tao. Appreciative of fine wine, good food, and naturally drawn to intelligence and filthy minded wit.

I am very much about the "connection and communication", a bond before bondage. D/s is more intense, more immersive than any vanilla kind of relationship and as such I have to connect with my sub on deep level, then the rest becomes mind-blowing. I am ethical, balanced and emotionally mature. I believe that submission is a glorious prize that should be cherished and nourished with care and responsibility. Ordered or expected submission has zero value to me. Earned submission is the diamond. You may call me "Sir", once I have earned it.

I am a primal but sensual Dom. I am the Wolf, you are my prey. Your bare naked throat is mine. A blackbelt in the dark art of mindfucking. More of an evolved "Upper Floor" kinda Dom. A Ninja with the Wand, a giver of forced eruptive brain rattling orgasms. I believe in nurturing the best out of my sub so that she is free to discover her womanhood and primal self. The road to true virtue and grace begins with a deviant mind. There are subtle nuances of elegance in the gait of the authentic Dom, and only the most veritable and prudent sub can detect this.

Fully immersed in Kink and D/s. The hobgoblin of tiny minds and Vanilla middling just saps the life out of you. Leave mediocracy to the masses and give me a life of deviant fuckery any day.

Not a follower of traditional bullshit doctrines or cultural expectations, more antiestablishment, and most certainly a Pedant. Sometimes an arsehole, other times a pedantic arsehole, but mostly only in the face of bureaucratic weaseldom or pettifogging fucktardery. To those who would presume to judge me, there is a field where the "fucks" that I give are grown. it is a barren, desolate wasteland. Indeed, the immensity of the fucks that I don't give will dazzle you.  Indifference is indifferent.  Not giving a Fuck means you are "unfuckwithable"
BDSM and me
My sub ? I will treat my sub like a Princess, then fuck her into sub space oblivion like the slutty little whore she is. Hmmm, aftercare is just more delicious fun packed foreplay. It never stops with me.

50 shades ? Fuck that wannabe shite ! There are a million colours and shades ready to taste and explore by the most heretical and wayward of you out there. I am very much a spiritual person and see BDSM as a journey of self discovery and personal expansion. I lean toward Buddhism, but I am not in any way monastic. I don't wear yellow garb, shave my head, chant in the streets and offer people pretty little flowers. I think of myself as a rebel Buddhist. That's like a normal Buddhist but I say "fuck" a lot. I do enjoy meditation. Then sex. I wonder if I could meditate with a pussy in my face. Have to try that.

I embrace my devient and perverted nature, because they are only labels adorned on the likes of us by "Vanillas" who would never get it. I am that 90 yr old guy in the nursing home wanking at the dinner table, laughing maniacally as old Doris takes her teeth out to give me a sloppy BJ.

Tao De Ching
Vishen Lakhiani
Marquis De Sade
Dr Bruce Lipton
Tony Robbins
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wallis D Wattles

My bdsm.org test results.
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==100% Brat tamer (Bring it)100% Dominant100% Master/Mistress93% Daddy/Mommy93% Non-monogamist (hmmmm not sure this is true)87% Exhibitionist (fuck yeah !)86% Voyeur (Show me)75% Sadist (Spanking time )58% Degrader ( This is not me)58% Experimentalist (Where does this go ?)46% Ageplayer ( Never done this, nor have desire to do so)43% Owner31% Rigger28% Primal (Hunter)18% Vanilla0% Switch (Got that right _
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Personality type: “The Debater” (ENTP-A)Individual traits: Extraverted – 64%,Intuitive – 76%,Thinking – 64%,Prospecting – 54%,Assertive – 65%Role: AnalystStrategy: People Mastery
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