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[55M4F Dom] #Ohio Experience dom turned on by intimacy and vulnerability
I am male bodied person of average height and weight, bald but with dark eyebrows, a salt and pepper goatee, and am quick to smile. I’m 55 years old, but you’ll never hear me say “I’m too old (for that)”, because once you start saying it, you will be. I’m looking for kinky people to date. Let's start dinner and conversation. If that is enjoyable, we can negotiate from there. If you are looking for kinky play, great, I'm a fan of flogging, rough body time, slutty play, spanking, and any combination of. If you are looking for power exchange...we can talk. I'm pretty demanding in that regard and am not a fan of the trend of ‘soft and cuddle’ power exchange, more of a claim that inner slave that wants to be free. If you are interested (or just hungry and want to chat over a meal) please feel free to reach out via PM and mention the last book you read (just as an ice breaker) and let’s break bread together and see who we are.
About me
I've been involved in the public scene since 1999, when I first wandered into a munch. I've been involved in BDSM since then, a dom (power exchange relationship) and later master since 2001, then another title later. Aand polyamorous since 2003.

I am open relationship-wise, with multiple long term relationships.

Sex has never been a huge driver for me. If it isn't connected and deep, it isn't worth doing. Now, this doesn't mean I don't enjoy sex, sensuality and intimacy - I do. But sex for the sake of sex isn't me.

I dig power exchange. Drive to perfection without being attached to perfection.

I've come to realize lately that polyamory is far easier than I thought. It takes courage and energy but 'face everything' is the lesson of the day. Wish I had known that 15 years ago. But on the other hand, not knowing made (us) create a set of tools. So there is value in that.
BDSM and me
Mainly, close and intimate play. Rough body play, spanking, punching, biting. Flogging and canes are great as well.
I do not enjoy receiving much of anything. 
My limits are those that most people list; I'm pretty open.
What's new
Along with bdansarani, I live full time on the road in an RV. East Coast US currently
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May 10, 2022
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Mar 6, 2016
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