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Indiana, United States
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Mature man with a good career, love the outdoors. Live deep in the country where I find refuge and quite.

This journey started very early for me, always seemed to fall into situations with submissive girls even at a young age.  First experience where I started realizing that I was an attractive Dom to submissive women was in college. 
I am not pushy, or demanding, just seems people generally want to serve me or gain my approval.   I like it.
My approach is to be a maximizer.  I improve those around me.  My career puts me in high leadership roles and my personal life reflects the same even among friends and family.

I am searching for the one who will yield to me completely in every way.  She will want to see me happy and work with vigor to ensure it.  She will accept my training and make me proud in everything she does and I will adore her for it.

I will explore her in ways that would not be for polite conversation and she will be expected to accept challenges I put in front of her. 
She is strong, gentile, even powerful but will yield completely to me.

In the mean time I do date, explore and play.  I am not part of the munch scenes or other gatherings,  I do like recruiting or perhaps better said, unleashing the kink in women I meet in daily life.... it's gotten easy to see it over the years and it's a fun process.
BDSM and me
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Dominant
100% Rigger
100% Master/Mistress
98% Owner
93% Daddy/Mommy
83% Voyeur
73% Exhibitionist
73% Sadist
71% Experimentalist
64% Primal (Hunter)
58% Degrader
57% Non-monogamist
50% Vanilla
46% Ageplayer
43% Brat tamer
1% Switch
Blood, permanent markings, scat, children, animals or anything illegal.
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Friday, February 7, 2020
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Saturday, August 25, 2018
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