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I have been a natural sub for a long time. I am very obedient 34 yo and a quick learner who is looking for a TPE D/s lifestyle where I have little control at home but have the ability to be the strong independent woman I need to be to face the world and survive in it. Which I do very well. I want to leave that at the door when I come home. I am into Shibari as it helps me meditate and calm my thoughts. I am always thinking so I need someone to take control of me and my sexuality and offer me peace of mind through direction, routine and decisiveness. Who remembers that being a great sub is highly respectable and greatly powerful. Someone sensual with a high sex drive who is very confident and can stand alongside someone ambitious creative and self secure, who wants to understand what makes her tick and keep her for a long time. I am an hourglass curvy girl who is looking for someone who is active and will go to the gym with me as part of regular routine.

I am not an emotional creature. I will not survive in an emotional household. I cannot and will not guess how your emotions are making you feel today, or be expected to understand you at a level that I can read your mind. I can feel when you are upset, I can see it in your body language, but I will not hold myself responsible, nor am I capable or guessing the emotional puzzle piece you need to make you feel better. So if you cannot vocalize, or understand that being in a house of constant emotion is a weakness for me, we will not be compatible. I need rational conversation, with a partner who prefers growth and developmental conversation, over arguing and mundane "hows the weather". 

Please understand, I will never ask you "Do you want to talk about it?" I will rarely engage when you are in an emotional state. But I will never withhold from you. That is the Trust, the Transparency and the Communication I am free giving in my role and in my home. But if you are a thunderstorm of chaotic energy, do not expect me to put on my rain coat and put myself in a position to fall victim to your bad mood. I will be here when you want to engage me. I will also expect it often. I will be your tool to help you deal with that emotion... but it will never be my fault for not 'reacting' properly. I will react with your emotion with apathy. I will give you the space to work out your own shit. I will give you my full commitment when you need my help, so long as you do not expect me to bloody myself against the wall of volatility that is people in a bad mood that don't know how to handle themselves. I will not expect you to do the same with me. I process my own emotions and will engage with you when I need your help... if you haven't offered already. As a submissive, I expect you to want to engage me often. I provide a calm household and I expect one in return. I am not the sensitive submissive. I want your connection, not your emotions that you want to put on someone elses plate. 

Relocation is always an option, but Financial Stability is very important to me. No online only relationships please. You have to be willing to be here, or have me there.

I am a demisexual. Which means you need to understand my brain and what I need, before I find you attractive. Hint - that has not happened often, don't get your hopes up. You have to have something valuable inside your head to offer. I am completely honest and open about my likes and kinks. I will not hold back on my desires or conversation... but if you start telling me what you want me to do to you, or how I am going to please you... or, god forbid... start masturbating to simple erotic words, we will not get very far. You need to state your intentions. I do not fuck my friends, there is no friend zone to relationship potential room in my life or in my mind. Sorry, not sorry. Win over my mind, and my body will be yours for anything you can think of. I will take care of you in ways that will crumble your walls and fulfill you entirely. 

BDSM and me
I am very obedient and just crave my Dom to be happy with an outlet to manage his stresses. I am only happy when I can be sure my Dom has everything he wants from me, that I haven't had to guess, that I receive the positive (touch) reinforcement I need. I am very sensual and love foreplay, small touches and being pet. I am highly sexual and believe it all starts with anticipation, a look and a subtle touch.  
I believe that submission is given. I am not a submissive for hire, and if you think I will roll over and submit because you are a Dom, then please move along now and save us both some time. I am looking for a partner, who gives to his submissive and her state of mind, in exchange for every physical and mental aspec he could ever hope for. 
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100% Submissive
100% Rope Bunny
89% Voyeur
88% Slave
87% Experimentalist
75% Pet
62% Primal (Prey)
52% Exhibitionist
50% Masochist
36% Brat
34% Degradee
11% Age Player
3% Non-Monogamist
2% Vanilla
1% Daddy/Mommy
Scat, Humiliation, Poly (FFM, FMF), Switch, Fem Domming, Ageplay, baby/daddy relationships, Not really looking for heavy pain, but sensuality allows for higher thresholds at different times and I am a masochist.

I will not tolerate being called an emotional manipulator or gaslighter without proof. Your past trauma gives you no right to play this card against me because you are hurting emotionally. These titles do not validate what you are feeling. Please know the difference.

What's new
For the new people that join up before the weekend to send out random e-mails to people... {AlphaWolfe} means I belong to Alpha Wolfe... so no you cannot ask me for my number or send me crude requests (or even friendly requests) to chat about me submitting to you. Is this a game around here? I sweat to god, I have gotten more emails in the last 2 weeks after being claimed, than I have in the year I have been here. If you do that, you are gross. If you were unaware... get enlightened. {xXx} means taken. PSA from Oracle, you're welcome. 

I am in a committed monogamous relationship with this fine gentleman I now call my Sir. Anything more than a "congratulations" from a Dom is allowed, but not welcomed. Thank you for understanding and respecting that. I am open to new conversations and meeting people only from the perspective of learning more about the community and the different things that I may want to bring into my own dynamic. A party to which you are not invited =P 

I have finally found that person that I will submit to. It is beautiful and I have found that combination of personality, control and acceptance I have been looking for, for much longer than I have been in BDSM. I say this, both because I am so fulfillingly happy, but also to let you know to not waste your time thinking that this is a relationship that just needs a little push off the counter to shatter. Because if there is one thing I know about humans, it is that if they think there is weakness, they descend like the vultures they are. Men and Women alike, move along.

-- Past things that I think are funny/relevant so they get to stay -- 

I am also open to MMF, MFM triad relationships. They must be closed. -- I am leaving this here, because poly people need to know I am not into other submissive women, or women at all... still a thing. 

I feel like I should add some growth here for every path I take that just doesn't work. So what I have learned recently. If you are overly Extroverted, we won't be compatible. It is possible to say words, yet never have meaning. I need a calm household. I like peace. I want to be able to rely on what you say, not have to sift through the constant high energy, to find substance. Please take this to mind before contacting me. It does not mean you are a bad person, it means we are not compatible.

Stop thinking someone "Ghosted" You because they didn't answer your last email. Especially if it is on here and you aren't direct messaging. I am busy. But if you are not going to send another message and get internally insulted - then actually, nevermind, don't send me a follow up message. I need people who do what they are thinking and are decisive. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them, until they tell you to leave them alone. If you want to have an internal monologue followed by an internal tantrum, you are not decisive, you do not do what you want, you just second guess your every decision or get your inflated ego offended for no reason. I am not looking for that.
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