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Online play. Ons OK. Long term great. Show me you can handle me. My goal in life: choke on (a ) cock(s)
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Slowly bringing fantasy into reality...
BDSM and me
I'm fairly new. Only looking for onlinr play.
And yes, play, I can't collait to anything just yet. I do know that as of right now, my daily life and career takes over everything. But I want to explore. One of my favorite thing in life is choking on a falls-shape thing. Guide me, teach me, own me, make me submit.
My daily life has some restrictions, but I'll always be honest, a d obey your every command, should we choose to play.
Scat & underage
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If you're into online playing - - or some deep conversation about life and bdsm, please talk to me
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Jan 20, 2020
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Sep 9, 2018
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