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Looking for a TPE sub
I’m looking for a TPE sub to train and own. I want to own everything and decide everything from what you eat, what you wear, when to sleep, how much you spend, what apps you use, I’ll decide and control everything. I will humiliate you l, degrade you and use you in whatever way I see fit, as a pet, furniture, running errands, pissing on you anything and everything I can think of. I am a real strict master with some sadistic streak sometimes. If you are serious about serving and being owned in all respects get in touch with me and we can go from there.
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31 year old male Dom, with previous experience in owning subs. I would like to know my subs and form a relationship as it is very important for both of us enjoying the kink. Outside of this I love scientific research and am working towards a PhD. I also like to travel and explore new cultures and have a keen interest in music and Art. I enjoy cooking and I keep cooking new recipes from time to time.
BDSM and me
Was introduced to this side of life by accident at 18.Found out I really enjoy being a dom. I am open to subs with or without previous experience in serving the most important thing is the desire to serve. I know, It takes time and comittment to work with a sub so please text if you are serious to work towards it. I am open to different types of subs seeking to be owned. One the things I enjoy is TPE (Total power exchange) though I understand if it’s not for everyone. I also like having subs who aren’t into TPE. In the past 10 years I have had two subs who wanted to try TPE and 4 who wanted something different. As long as you are honest and communicate properly we can always find the right balance. Initially looking for online which once I am satisfied may turn into in person depending on the person. I enjoy a variety of fetish feel free to text and ask.
Blood play, permanent damage, kids and involving other family members.
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Jan 28, 2023
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Sep 10, 2018
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