Satindragon​{RDB (Jack)}
sub female

Alabama, United States
About me
Who am I and what am I doing here? I am a 65 year old mature submissive. I am new to the concept of BDSM, but I have always had submissive tendencies. What makes me different? I have already achieved most of the goals I set when I was younger. My home and car are both paid for. I raised three children who turned out to be good people. I retired as a third degree black belt in a Japanese based martial art. I love life and have a positive outlook for the future.

I have collared by my name because I am currently involved with someone. If you wish to message me, please be respectful and I will respond.

I prefer men between the ages of 57 to 70. I have friends of all ages. However, I am not here to find someone young enough to be my child or the same age as my grandchildren.
BDSM and me
I am learning and growing everyday. This is a journey not a destination. I like the idea of light bondage, who knows I might become addicted to rope.
We all have limits so let's do dinner and discuss ours.
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