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My how things have changed! Last February I was introduced to some new terminology that I had never heard before. What is BDSM? What is Dominance and Submission?  What is a submissive or a slave? Why am I drawn to this? How do I fit in?

Being an older alpha independent woman could I be a submissive. Was I too old to enjoy the things I had read about? Would there be a man out there actually interested in me? Would I be able to let go of the past and have a future?

The more I read and learned, the more I knew I wanted that deep connection that seemed to thrive between a Dom and his sub. Then it happened!  A Dom accidentally landed on my profile page. A birthday banner was on the header, so he wished me happy birthday.  The things that I have learned since that day are amazing.  Not only have I expanded my knowledge of being a submissive but with Sir's help I am working on some personal goals as well. 

If all goes well with shoulder replacement surgery I will be testing for my Fourth degree black belt in December. I have rediscovered my love of high heels, stockings and provocative clothing. I have also discovered that sitting between Sir's legs with my head resting on his knee is my favorite place to be.  I feel safe and loved when I sit there. I enjoy serving his drinks from a kneeling position.  He doesn't ask or demand this from me. I do it because it just feels right. 

I feel that by keeping an open mind leaves me room to grow and learn. I have the freedom to say no to anything that I am not comfortable with. We always discuss new things before we ever try them. He never forces anything and he honors my safe words.

I never knew I could be addicted to rope bondage.  I am a hopeless rope bunny. 

One of the most important things I have learned is that no two dynamics are the same. Sir and I have a very unique and special dynamic build on a strong love connection. I trust him and know he would never intentionally hurt me.
BDSM and me
I am learning and growing everyday. This is a journey not a destination. 
We all have limits so let's do dinner and discuss ours.
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