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West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
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I need a woman who wants to be obedient to me and do as I say both inside and outside of the bedroom I want total control over her life and to give her tasks that can be completed for possible rewards like maybe extra half hour up simple things like that She needs to be able to do whatever I tell her to do without question and she needs to be obedient to me and only me her body and mind will belong only to me I will decide what she thinks, wears, eats, etc Ladies if this interests you please message me I haven’t posted in a while so I’m just trying to get back out there rn
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First of all im 27 open to all ages of subs for most part but will have to be leagal i am in a wheelchair but i dont let it stop me so hopefully i get the same respect i give myself about it i am kinda new to the lifestyle i want an obedient sub but i want to spoil her rotten and i expect her to do as i ask when i ask unless we have agreed on certain guidlines hopefully i find my dream sub thanks for reading my profile
BDSM and me
I dont mind bdsm but i dont know a lot about it either
Must be at least 18 have respect for yourself
I kinda prefer a bratt at times but also knows when to obey
Im open to all races
Must respect me and my decisions
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I've been in this lifestyle for several years now and I haven't found my true submissive yet still on the prowl seeking where she is hiding I will find you one day and you can bet on that
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Nov 28, 2022
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Sep 21, 2018
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