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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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Hello, and thank you for giving my profile your time. I'm a 25m living in Virginia. I'm here to socialize as much as possible, make new friends, and hopefully find a partner I can lean with long term. I'm not the most experienced, with seven years in the lifestyle under my belt. However, I have a great deal I've learned and wish to share with anyone new or struggling that I can help. Outside of the lifestyle, I'm a writer (working on my first book), a cinemaphile, and a nature lover.
BDSM and me
For me, BDSM is about a relationship, a mutual connection by which trust, honesty, and support are shared. The emotional connections of a deep relationship are what make the lifestyle so powerful to me. I suppose I'm closest to a switch, with the important caveat that I *don't* need to swap from one role to another to feel satisfied. I can be happy and serve in a Dominant role. I can be happy and serve in a submissive role. I can be happy in a relationship where my partner and I move back and forth between the two. However, I don't need to swap. I apologize if that seems like a heavy handed explanation, but it's something I've seen a lot, and simply want to set the record straight.
First, the usual, nothing illegal or extreme. I'm also not open to polyamory. 100% nope. Last, but not least, I don't have a lot of interest in a 'worship' type of relationship. I don't think of myself as lesser than anyone, and don't want to be treated so by a Domme. I'm more than willing to be serviceable, concede power and control in the bedroom (alongside the rest of my life, within reason), and work to make someone else happy, but I won't be less than another human. When I have the dominant role, my line is drawing blood. No matter how much of a masochist you are, I won't go that far.
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Thursday, July 25, 2019
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