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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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25m East Coast, Looking for a Long Term Partner
So, we're here again. I honestly hate writing these. It feels... clinical. I feel like a door-to-door salesman, throwing out the same pitches, hoping something sticks. I'm pretty tired of it. Tired of witty titles, tired of writing out the same things about myself. I'm done with soliciting, with throwing myself out like bait to be caught. I'm just gonna be sincere. This means so much to me. The lifestyle, I mean. It's more than rope, more than indulgence. More than the temporary suspension of inhibition for the sake of a fleeting rush. It's about being seen. It's about discarding the masks that I, that we, put on in our day to day lives, trying to be what other people want. It's about honesty. The most sincere, most raw truth, that we are who and what we truly are beneath it all. That relationship, with someone who sees through it all, who shares a bond that's unobscured by pretense or expectation. That's what I'm after. If any of that resonates with you, my profile has more specifics about my place in the lifestyle, or you can ask me anything directly.
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Hello, and thank you for giving my profile your time. I'm a 25m living in Virginia. I'm here to socialize as much as possible, make new friends, and hopefully find a partner I can lean with long term. I'm not the most experienced, with seven years in the lifestyle under my belt. However, I have a great deal I've learned and wish to share with anyone new or struggling that I can help. Outside of the lifestyle, I'm a writer (working on my first book), a cinemaphile, and a nature lover.
BDSM and me

Bondage and I have had a... kinda weird relationship. I'm open minded, but not particularly experienced with the more heavy-handed aspects of the lifestyle that a lot of people enjoy. For me, it's about a relationship, a consensual give and take of power that satisfies the needs of both parties, and brings them closer together. Ultimately, that's what bondage is to me: a way to get closer to someone special to me.


Sappy? Maybe. But accurate for me.

First, the usual: nothing illegal or extreme (shedding blood, other less savory bodily fluids, etc.). Second, not open to polyamory.
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