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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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About me
Hello, and thank you for giving my profile your time. I'm a 24m living in Virginia. I'm here to socialize as much as possible, make new friends, and hopefully find a partner I can lean with long term. I'm not the most experienced, with six years in the lifestyle under my belt. However, I have a great deal I've learned and wish to share with anyone new or struggling that I can help. Outside of the lifestyle, I'm a writer, a pet owner, and a martial artist.
BDSM and me
For me, BDSM is about a relationship, a mutual connection by which trust, honesty, and support are shared. The emotional connection of a deep relationship are what make the lifestyle so powerful to me. I'll also add that I have experience subbing, so I have the benefit of having seen things from the other side of the whip as well.

== Results from ==
100% Rigger
98% Master/Mistress
98% Dominant
97% Brat tamer
96% Primal (Hunter)
93% Owner
71% Sadist (this is where I think the test is flawed somehow. Not me at all)
63% Rope bunny
62% Switch
58% Experimentalist
56% Brat
53% Masochist
52% Submissive
48% Primal (Prey)
43% Slave
43% Daddy/Mommy
42% Vanilla
40% Pet
21% Ageplayer
10% Boy/Girl
3% Non-monogamist
3% Exhibitionist (this is something I think should be slightly higher. I'm very open minded on this front)
2% Voyeur
1% Degradee
0% Degrader
The usual, nothing illegal or extreme. I'm also not open to polyamory or humiliation.
What's new
So, after some soul searching and external input, I sincerely believe my place in the community, and what I need in a relationship, are different from what I originally thought. I'm a gentle Dom.

I don't enjoy hurting people. I'm not a sadist. It just isn't in me to enjoy that. I enjoy sharing love and kindness with my partner. A lot of people focus on exploring pain as an open frontier of sensations they're unfamiliar with, but the opposite direction has just as much to offer in the new and unexpected. This is the main aspect of my ideal relationship: control and domination that are gentle in nature.

However, 'gentle' can give certain inaccurate impressions. Rough, intense bondage is still under my purview. This simply means that some of the coarser aspects of bondage aren't.
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Saturday, June 8, 2019
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Saturday, October 6, 2018
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