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Webster City, Iowa, United States
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Sweet femme seeking sensual Domme
Greetings Miss, im allison muse. A disciplined and devoted, sweet n dirty, submissive from iowa. im 43, but with a build better then most in their 20s. Have been dressing femme for many years but it goes back so much farther. Simply put i adore worshiping the female form in all manners. ive never had a real life relationship with a Domme but have studied and self trained myself in many different areas of bdsm. All in hopes to be well rounded to suit any Miss' needs and requirements. im a very passionate person. In my art.. my music.. everything. Luv being kept in charity for a Miss. And pegging, pussy and ass worship rank right up there as favorites. But i very much so am open to just about anything with few hard limits. Please feel free to hit me up and say hello. i do luv to chat allison
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Greetings from the hilltop all. Hiyas.. im allison, am a bit of a mix of both dirty n sweet. But i promise am more then a spoonful.. dont worry, mom's not watching. Am a lil sissy seeking a real life Domme. Have never been blessed with a lick of true education/training but from the bottom of this hopeless romantic's heart you would be hard pressed to find anyone able to match this sissy's discipline or devotion. i believe mountains can be moved by will alone and also that fairies truely use the fairie door in my garden. Everyone always says.. 'Its complicated' but its not if you let yourself wake up. And when you know true peace and stillness when on your knees.. every sense.. every nerve.. centered to one purpose, to make her feel as good as can possibly be achieved however/whatever/whenever she blesses you with the chance to..
Even if its while she casually online games or does her taxes.. Ur privilaged.

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99% Submissive 
98% Exhibitionist 
96% Primal (Prey) 
95% Experimentalist 
93% Pet 
90% Masochist 
89% Slave 
87% Voyeur 
85% Degradee 
85% Rope bunny 
67% Girl/Boy 
63% Non-monogamist 
39% Sadist 
36% Brat 
32% Switch 
20% Rigger 
15% Primal (Hunter) 
14% Ageplayer 
13% Degrader 
11% Dominant 
10% Vanilla 
9% Owner 
6% Daddy/Mommy 
5% Master/Mistress 
4% Brat tamer 
An aching lil sissy.. wishing for a Miss to take her leash
BDSM and me
What to say.. isnt it funny how many say  that? i know what to say. All of my life ive leaned to the feminine despite smalltown corn field upbringing. All of my life have had a wanting, needing even, to please attitude. Then ya get a bit older and realize ya dont tell kids at school bout the silly 'games' ya played by yourself as a child cause most have their own fetish following. So bdsm and me? By nature we are the oldest of company.. but when it comes to knowing it, living it, its a cousin ive only heard of.. but the stories they tell
Children, animals, scat
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Having more questions then ever because if you had asked me way back when if this was the goal in mind i would have looked at you as if ya'd swallowed a bug. But.. its lurking. And the idea is gettin to much stream i think not to. Me going out as allison and being blendable is looming.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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