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Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Online only bdsm role play sought by a dominant male. I am thoughtful, imaginative, creative, and create scenes in my imagination and fiction/photography
Is this you? A powerful, erotic soul that wants to slowly succomb to imaginative encounters where you are in coyntrol as much as you wish, but have a secret submissive side that wants fulfillment. You are sufficiently intense that online role playing is as lucid and sexual as you wish. Let's create scenarios together. No worries about safety. We can live together online. Let's become interior decorators of our own imagination.
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The geometry of Tlön is made up of two different disciplines – the visual and the tactile." Jorge Luis Borges
BDSM and me
I like things pretty moderate and loving. This profile contains some photos of a typical low key weekend at my house. In terms of what I am looking for, well, right now it involves IMAGINATIVE ROLEPLAYING ONLINE and meeting women interested in rope bondage or shibari, i.e., rope bunnies.

I have a beautiful white cat named Albion. If you like felines or animals in general, feel free to say hello. I am easy going and sensitive to other people.  EXPLAINING doesn't help in sensing whether people are compatible. We are humans, not a list of descriptions.   But generally speaking, I'm very attracted to NERDY girls that are smart, creative, and sensual.
Limits is the space within which you or I feel comfortable. Role playing, fantasy play, living on a level that is at least, in part, imaginative is very rewarding, don't you think?. No violence. Feel free to say hello.
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Apr 11, 2022
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Nov 12, 2018
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