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A Dom not a switch. I am not confused about my role in this lifestyle. The truth hurts and I will always give it. I would rather have you make a educated decision not an emotional one. I appreciate the lifestyle for the bond it can create between people. I have been in the lifestyle long enough to know this takes time. Open conversations are important to me not what you want me to believe but who you are as a Submissive. I am not here for an experiment or to carry the broken memories of your last relationship or Dom. What that statement means if you are not over your ex please refrain from contacting me. I am here to help you create new ones. If you are carrying pain or negative experiences take a moment and think about it before contacting me. I plan on challenging your emotions and you as a women. Being a sub is a gift just as much as finding a true Dom is a gift as well.

If you think this small profile will give you all the in-depth information on me without investing in some communication is a joke. You have all spent time talking with a Dom/men long enough to find out he is not his profile. Hell how many men have you dated to realize it’s not a match. Dam I made myself laugh about that one. No, I am not your grandfather or sitting on my couch playing Fortnite waiting for the government to decide if I can level up. 

Fitness is a huge part of my life and I take great care of myself. I have been an athlete my whole life and I did my time as a personal trainer. Graduated from college and I enjoyed Physics, Engineering and testing the water with an MBA. I am not on this site for PRACTICE! I feel like this is an important one to add. No, I am not married and do not have children. 


BDSM and me

I believe in learning who you are as a women because when life stresses you out and you feel alone sometimes you need me to calm your mind. You need me to be able to listen and calm your heart rate. Being a Dominant to me is more then choking you and spanking you’re ass. You can find that at any bar or Tinder. BDSM is an ever evolving dynamic within a relationship between two people. If your looking for choking 24-7 that is not BDSM and it definitely will not improve you as a submissive. I don’t believe just because I have Dominate on my profile means I will be a great one for you. It means how I classify myself in this lifestyle. That opens the door of communication.

There are several dom/Doms on here and you have free range to explore them all. You have all had more than enough sexual experiences and sexual experimentation. Your here to fill a void you have and that is to submit to the right Dom. Some of you have very demanding jobs and are sick of the vanilla sex and being in control and just want some one to grab you by your hair and tell you to get on your knees. Some of you would like to be a little or a middle and enjoy the exchange of a Daddy Dom. this is not a game to me so we start slow.

If your not willing to become vulnerable with me and allow me to see you for who are without a collar or restrained it’s going to be tough to move forward. I believe a women is looking for a man that will lead by example and show her reasons why she continues to be submissive to him. He leads in his life not just in the bedroom. He has his life under control and owns his own chaos. He is emotionally capable of weathering her storms and helping her navigate. I believe there is nothing more appealing to a women than a man who can quiet the noise the world makes in her head.


I am not a switch! I am also not here for the GHOSTING GAME! Be an adult and use your words and we can part as friends. No kids, animals, guns, broken skin or scarring to the face. If you’re a masochist we will discuss what your training level is. If you’re  a standard submissive we will discuss what you like and are interested in.
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