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Georgia, United States
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All about Peace, Love,Good Vibes, Respect, Kindness and Positivity.   

I don't do drama so keep walking. I will not participate.


I like traveling, yoga,hiking, running, Boot Camp workouts.reading, cooking and making candles. I love my dogs a Bulldog and a Yorkie. 
I enjoy giving back to my community so I do a lot of volunteer work for the elderly and food bank..I also facilitate a group for a Suicide Survivors. Support group in my community. 

I have visited every state except for one and that's Vermont. Which is funny since. I was born and raised in Maine.

If I have liked your profile it doesnt mean I am seeking anything. Some profiles are really great with info and detail. I admire that....that's all.
If you view my blog you can see.I It has the words I am.not able to let out.
To be discussed.
What's new
Getting ready to write my blog and telling my story.

The next bottle of wine I'm opening.

Finally  letting go and finding happiness. (CR)

I am learning and growing everyday..Small steps, but moving forward.

I am!!I

Everyday is new. Enjoying life!!

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Dec 12, 2020
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Nov 18, 2018
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