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sub trans woman

Manassas, Virginia, United States
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Sissy, CD/TV sub bottom, wm MtF looking to be turned into someone's live-in girl/sub/maid
i am a sub bottom trans woman, 5'11, 220 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair to my shoulders, 6" cut clitty. i am looking for a MasterMistress for a lifetime relationship. i am currently in Manassas,VA, I am currently unemployed, broke and basically homeless. . i very much want to be feminized and emasculated, turned into a woman, i'm prepared to undergo hypnosis, take hormones, surgery, modification, piercing, get tattooed, i have a VERY open mind so i am open to much more, i want to be molded and shaped, i want to be taken as far as You want. i will love to be a live-in sissy slave/slut/whore. Being feminized into someone’s submissive wife I’m sure almost everyone would say the same but my ultimate life goal is to feminized and owned. And I mean fully feminized with surgery, keeping my little clitty so my Dom/Domme can keep me locked up in chastity, but i will not mind a full SRS/GRS if they wish. living as someone’s trophy and used for their enjoyment. the idea of spending my days serving my dominant and making sure they’re always happy, preparing their meals, keeping the house tidy. and of course, obeying their every command. to me, there’s nothing more appealing than this. Looking to be owned... Willing to be relocated... I love leather, BDSM, rubber, PVC, bondage, Toys,gags,rope,strict bondage,ESTIM submissively, terri
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i am a sub bottom, wm. i identify as MtF but since i do not have the funds to transition, I accept sissy, CD, TV...
5'11, 260lbs, blue eyes, long brown hair to about the middle of my back, 6" cut clit.
Manassas, VA here...
i love to suck cock and pussy...
i love to be fucked and pegged...
i have been into BDSM since I was 18...
i love to serve and be of service. will love to be turned into someone's girl...
i have a fem slave mindset when in the presence of a Dominant, be He male or She female, or Trans. my body recognizes the situation, and my mind follows.
i love hypnosis, would love to be hypnotized to serve, brainwashed, totally mind fucked, 
BDSM, bondage, toys, gags, leather, rubber, latex, floggers, whips, canes, wartenburg wheels, violets wand.....
im looking to be feminized permanently,
hormones, implants, possibly castrated or SRS...
i want to be turned into someone's girl/sub/wife, etc... permanently!
i love to suck and be fucked... 
i love BDSM, leather, lace, rubber, gags, toys. i want to be a toy for my Mistress or Master
Being watched - i love to show off and look good for you
Anal - oh yes
Chastity - love to feel controlled
Oral - I have been told im very good at it! By both sexes (Wink)
i am into being a sissy, CD/TV with BDSM, leather, lace, latex, rubber, fetish wear, nipple clamps, collars, toys, gags, 
I want someone to turn my brain into a squishy, slippery, melty mindless mess. I want to stare up into someone's eyes with a happy empty stupid smile, I want them to program me so I can feel a piece of them inside my mind, I want to be so completely irretrievably fucked up that Ill never be able to disentangle my thoughts from their commands, I want my mind fucked until there is nothing left but a hollow helpless shell to be discarded or used as furniture or a vacant fuck pet or the frame for a whole new personality, one built from the ground up to be obedient and needy and perfect, a perfect reflection of my owner's desires.
BDSM and me
I am 100% sub bottom,  MtF
i love BDSM, bondage, Impact play, wax play, crops, whips , i have a VERY open mind...
Anything illegal, minors, scat, blood play...
i know scat and blood happen when you are being fucked or fisted. that doesn't bother me.
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Just moved to Manassas, VA... i am currently unemployed, broke and basically homeless. i am staying with a friend here in Manassas, VA
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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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