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I dont force submission. You submit because it is who and what you are to do so for the right dominant. Your submission is a gift and any kind of real dom should realize that.
I am looking for the right sub or slave to build that bond with. I have been a dom for close to 20 years now.

So talk to me if your interested.

Some thoughts about submissives, I would guess about half of all people that would call themselves a sub or slave now days are much more interested in the idea of submitting or slavery rather than the reality of it. The idea of being used, doing what they are told, being spanked or beaten they find exciting. But expose them to the reality and everything becomes a limit. If you are shure that this is the kind of thing you want and are willing to follow through, excellent, I would love to talk to you. If you just looked at bdsm websites and watched 50 shades a few too many times dont contact me.

Now, a few things about me.
I am curious and love learning new things.
I can be old fashioned. But have a wild side I rarely let out of its cage.
I enjoy the simple things in life.
I can be fascinated by the mind crushing complexity of things.
I am an artist and craftsman.
I think any salsa with fruit in it is not salsa its chutney or just an abomination, take your pick.
I think the sexiest thing in the world is the look in a submissives eyes when they completely let go and revel in their submission.
I think a sub in a tight corset is probably a close second.
I find beauty in places most people would overlook.
I am slow to trust, but would walk calmly into hell to help a friend.
I dont hold grudges, it is counterproductive to happiness. But I also dont forget wrongs done to me, to do that would be to have learned nothing.
I am not perfect, but I work hard to be better than I was.
I have a job I like and enjoy being able to work outside but summer in Texas is brutal.
I have rough hands from hard work.
And if you want to know any more you will have to message me.

Will add more here when I can.
BDSM and me
Let's see.. where did it all begin. I had an interest in bdsm from a young age, but I think my bdsm story really begins about age 19.
I went to a local club with some friends and as it happened there was a bondage show that night. And let me say, I was entranced with the beauty and amazed at the concept of dominance in that way. So after going home that night I started in on learning everything I could lay my hands on about bdsm. Months later i had learned a truly heroic amount and even ended up joining the bondage show that I had watched. Years passed, subs came and went. I am still amazed and feel glorious when a sub lets go and completely gives up control.
If you want to know more let me know and we can talk.
No scat, kids, needles, and I dont share.
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